Creating a Milestone Path


As a system administrator, you can create milestone paths in the Setup area of Workfront which can then be applied to any project in the system. The changes you make to milestone paths in this area affect the entire Workfront system. 

Understanding Milestones and Milestone Paths

You can associate the key tasks in a project with pre-defined milestones. Milestones are events that indicate that a project has reached a certain level of progress. These events have to be established and agreed upon before the milestone path is configured. This function can provide managers and other stakeholders with a high-level overview as to how a project is progressing. 

The sum of all the pre-defined milestones is called a milestone path. 

The first step in building a milestone path is identifying what the milestone steps are and establishing the milestones. Because you can associate a milestone path to multiple projects, the milestone steps must be general phases or stages of any project.

For more information on how you can associate a milestone path with a project and a milestone with a task, see "Associating a Milestone with a Task."

Creating a Milestone Path

  1. Navigate to the Setup area in your Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Expand Processes.
  3. Click Milestone Paths.

  4. Click New Milestone Path.
  5. Specify the following information in the Basic Info area:
    Milestone Path Name: Enter a name for the milestone path.
    Description: Enter a description to define the milestone path.
    Is Active: Select this checkbox if you want the milestone path to be active. Other users can find this path and attach it to projects when creating or editing projects. Inactive milestone paths cannot be attached to projects. This is enabled by default.
    Groups: Select the groups listed to allow users in these groups to see and apply this milestone path to their projects. The home group of the user entering the milestone path is selected by default. 
  6. Specify the following information in the Milestones area:
    Name: Enter the names of each milestone.
    Description: Enter a description for the milestone.
    Color: Choose a color to associate with your milestone. If you do not choose a color, the system chooses the last color used in a milestone path. We recommend that you choose a unique color for each milestone. The color is used for visual and reporting purposes.
  7. Click Add Milestone and continue to add milestones as needed until the path is completed. 
  8. Click Create Milestone Path to save your changes.
    Your milestone path is ready to be associated with a project. For more information on how to associate milestone paths to projects and milestones to tasks, see "Associating a Milestone with a Task." 

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