Configuring Timeline Recalculations for Projects

Recalculating Timelines allows managers to see how forces outside of the project are impacting the project's timeline. (A projects timeline refers to planned dates and projected dates.) 

Project owners can recalculate timelines for their projects, as described in "Recalculating Timelines for Projects."

Configuring Automatic Recalculations

By default, all project timelines are automatically recalculated each night, and individual projects are automatically recalculated when the project scope changes. 

You can disable one or both of these automatic recalculations:

  1. Click Setup in the upper-right corner of the Workfront interface.
  2. Expand Project Preferences, then click Projects.
  3. In the Timelines section, deselect Every night and When a project's scope changes.

Recalculating Timelines for the Entire Workfront Site 

You can run the Recalculate Timeline diagnostic to immediately recalculate all timelines in the Workfront system. This allows all Project Managers to see the influence of external changes immediately on both planned and projected dates. For more information, see "Using Diagnostics."

Audited 6/13/2018

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