Understanding Workfront Integrations

You can integrate Workfront with third-party applications. Integrations can extend the utility of Workfront and tailor it to the needs of your organization.

The following types of integrations are available:

Built-In Integrations

Workfront provides various integrations you can configure either directly from the Workfront application, or directly from another application by installing the Workfront add-in for that application. 

Some of these integrations are available at no additional cost, while other integrations require an additional purchase:

Included Integrations (No Additional Cost)

Workfront provides various built-in integrations at no additional cost:

A Pro Workfront Plan is required to use the integrations listed below.
For more information about the various plans available, see "Workfront Plans."

Other Built-In Integrations (Additional Purchase Required)

Workfront enables you to leverage other built-in integrations and integrated products at an additional cost. Consult your Account Representative for pricing details.

Partner Integrations

Workfront has a rich partner ecosystem that includes dozens of integrations that enrich your Workfront experience.

Examples of existing partner offerings include integrations with, Oracle Responsys, and Microsoft Visual Studio. 
For more information about these and other exciting integrations, see the Workfront Marketplace.

Workfront API 

The Workfront API enables you to extend and enhance your Workfront experience by leveraging our public API. You can create your own integrations using our open API. 
For a detailed list of available objects in the Workfront API, see the Workfront API Explorer.

This article last updated on 2018-11-07 20:07:48 UTC