Enabling the Workfront Outlook Add-In for Your System

Before users can begin using the Workfront Outlook Add-in, you first need to enable it for the site.

For information about how to use the Workfront Outlook Add-in after it has been enabled, see "Working with Workfront from Outlook." or "Using Workfront with Outlook 365," depending on whether you are using traditional Outlook or Outlook 365.

Enabling the Workfront Outlook Add-In

  1. Log in to Workfront as the administrator.
  2. Click Setup, located in the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Expand System, then click Preferences.
  4. Ensure that Let people use Workfront's mobile applications and the Workfront Outlook Add-In is selected.
    In addition to allowing the Workfront mobile applications to be used, this setting also allows the Workfront Outlook Add-In to be used.
    This option is enabled by default.
  5. Click Save.

Installing the Workfront Outlook Add-In

System Requirements

System Requirements for Traditional Outlook

Workstations in your environment must meet the requirements described in "System Requirements and Prerequisites" in "Setting Up the Workfront Outlook Add-In."

If you do not want users to be prompted to .NET Framework 4.5 and Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO), you can install them separately on each user workstation prior to installing the Workfront Outlook Add-In. 

You can download VSTO at the following URL:

System Requirements for Outlook 365

For information about system requirements when using Outlook 365, see "System Requirements" in "Setting Up the Workfront Add-In for Outlook 365."

Installing the Add-In

Traditional Outlook: For detailed information about how to run the GUI or silent installation of the Workfront Outlook Add-In for traditional Outlook, see "Setting Up the Workfront Outlook Add-In." 

Outlook 365: For detailed information about how to install the Workfront Add-In for Outlook 365, see "Setting Up the Workfront Add-In for Outlook 365."

This article last updated on 2017-05-15 19:08:23 UTC