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This section describes updates that were made to the Workfront Help documentation in the current quarter. Documentation updates are made based on features that are generally available (available to all Workfront customers). 

Changes or additions that are based on new functionality are documented in the Release Activity pages each month.  For more information about new releases, see "Product Announcements."

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Modifying Cost Types for Individual Tasks in Tracking Costs

Added information in the User Hourly row of the table explaining that the value of the Planned Cost field can differ depending on whether you view the Planned Cost from the task itself or from the Utilization report.

Updated April 13, 2018
File Types and Sizes 

Removed support for the following file type:

  • DXF - Drawing Interchange
Updated  April 13, 2018
 API Basics Added information about specifying OR statements with an API request.  Updated  April 12, 2018

Documentation Updates Archive

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