Documentation Updates

Current Changes to Documentation

This section describes updates that were made to the Workfront Help documentation in the current quarter. Documentation updates are made based on features that are generally available (available to all Workfront customers). 

Changes or additions that are based on new functionality are documented in the Release Activity pages each month.  For more information about new releases, see "Product Announcements."

Article or Section


Article Status

Effective Date

Understanding Commit Dates Updated screenshots and added steps about how to update the Commit Date on tasks and issues Updated March 27, 2019
Embedding a Request Queue into a Dashboard New article that documents how to embed a request queue into a dashboard. New Jan. 31, 2019
"IF" Statements Overview New article that documents how to build "IF" statements in a calculated custom field or calculated custom column.  New Jan. 25, 2019
Column: Show Names of Parent Tasks in All Caps New article that documents how to display the names of parent tasks in all capital letters in a report.  New Jan. 16, 2019
Group and Chart a Report by a Multi-select Custom Field New article that describes how to create a grouping and a chart based on a multi-select custom field.  New Jan. 11, 2019

Documentation Updates Archive

To view updates that were made to the Workfront documentation prior to this quarter, see the Documentation Updates Archive.

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