Importing a Project from Microsoft Project


You can import projects from Microsoft Project into Workfront and manage all your projects in one application. Every time you import a project from Microsoft Project, a new project is created in Workfront. 

IMPORTANT Not all Microsoft Project fields are transferred to Workfront. 
For more information about the compatibility of fields between Workfront and Microsoft Project, see "Mapping Microsoft Project to Workfront."

To create a new project in Workfront by importing a project from Microsoft Project:

  1. Navigate to the project you want to import from Microsoft Project in Microsoft Project.
  2. Click File, then Save As to save the project as an .xml file. 
  3. Navigate to Workfront, and then to the Projects.
  4. Select the Projects tab.
  5. Click on the New Project. 
  6. Choose the Import MS Project option. 

  7. Click Select File, then browse for the .xml file on your computer which you exported from Microsoft Project.

  8. Import the selected file.
    Workfront begins the import process and creates a new project based on the file exported from Microsoft Project. 
    After the import process is complete, you are directed to the new project page that displays a confirmation that the import has completed successfully.
    NOTE Workfront has a 15-minute time limitation on file uploads. If the file upload takes longer than that, we recommend that you break out your project into smaller projects and import them separately. Once they have been imported into Workfront, move the tasks from one project to the other project to combine them into one project. For information on moving tasks, see "Moving Tasks."


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This article last updated on 2018-06-25 16:13:02 UTC