Importing a Project from Microsoft Project

If you are new to Workfront, you may have projects you have been working on in Microsoft Project. Or perhaps another department in your company has projects in Microsoft Project that you need to import into Workfront. 

With each import, a new project is created.

NOTE Some information associated with projects does not come across from Microsoft Project to Workfront when you import a project. For more information about mapping Microsoft Project information to Workfront, see "Mapping MS Project to Workfront."

To create a new project in Workfront based on a project in Microsoft Project:

  1. When exporting your project from Microsoft Project, make sure you select Save As as you are saving your project in Microsoft Project, and choose to save it as an .xml file. 
  2. Navigate to the Projects area and click the Projects tab.
  3. Click on the +New Project button. 
  4. Choose the Import MS Project option. 

  5. Identify the Microsoft Project file to import.

  6. Import the selected project.
    Workfront begins the import process and creates a new project based on that file by matching up various fields.
    After the import process is complete, you are directed to the new project page that displays a success message.