Requiring Time to Be Approved for a Project

You can configure the project to require that the hours logged against the project are approved by the Project Owner. When configured in this way, hours must be first approved by the Project Owner before they can be eligible to be used on a billing record.
For more information about billing records, see "Creating Billing Records."

NOTE Enabling this option does not remove a timesheet approver's ability to approve time on the timesheet. If the Project Owner doesn't approve or reject time, a timesheet approver can still approve the time on a timesheet.  

Access Needed to Approve Time on a Project

You must meet at least one of the following conditions to approve time on a project:

  • You are the Project Owner with a Plan, Work, or Review license.
    Requestors or External Users cannot approve project time.
  • You have a Plan license with administrative access to Timesheets & Hours. 

For more information about permissions on projects, see "Understanding Project Permissions."
For more information about Project Owners, see "Understanding Project Owners."

Requiring Time to Be Approved for a Project

To require project manager approval for hours on the project:

  1. Navigate to the project where you want to require approval for hours.
  2. Click Edit Project.
    The Edit Project dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the Finance section, select Require time to be approved for this project.
  4. Click Save Changes.
    Now when time is logged and approved, those hours become locked and cannot be altered by the user who entered them on the project or the timesheet. Only a system administrator can adjust the time recorded.

Approving and Rejecting Time on a Project

As a project manager, you can approve or reject hours that are logged for tasks, issues or the project.

Approving the hours at the project level does not have any impact on the timesheet of any of the users who logged the hours. For example, the hours in the project may be approved by the project manager, but the timesheet is still yet to be approved by the manager of the user. 

If you set up a project to require approval on the hours logged, the project manager must approve the hours in order for them to be available to be included in a billing record for the project. For more information about creating billing records, see "Creating Billing Records."

To approve or reject hours on a project:

  1. Navigate to the project.
  2. Click the Hours tab.
    Depending on the changes made to your layout template by the system administrator, the Hours tab might be under the More tab.
  3. The hours logged for issues, tasks and the project are listed and should have a status of Submitted.
    Select the hours you want to approve.
  4. Click Approve
    The status of the hours changes to Approved.
    If you later reject the approved hours, the status of the hours changes to Not Approved.
    When you include the approved hours in a billing record, the status of the hours changes to Billed and Approved. Hours added to a billing record cannot be deleted. For more information about creating billing records, see "Creating Billing Records."
  5. (Optional) Click Reject to reject the time entries on the project.
    The status of the hours changes to Rejected.
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