Copying a Project

The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

You can copy a project rather than create a new one from scratch.

You must have a Planner license, with Edit and Create access to Projects to be able to copy a project.

To copy a project:

  1. Navigate to the project that you want to copy.
  2. Click Project Actions, then click Copy.
  3. Specify a name for the project.
    By default, the new name is Copy of <Original project name>.
  4. Select the Status of your new project. By default, the Status matches that of the original project.
  5. (Optional) Select any of the following options to remove the items from the new project.
    NOTE The following items are never copied from an existing project to a new one:
    - Issues
    - Billing Rates
    - Billing Records
    - Notes
    - Hours
    The following items are always copied from an existing project to a new one:
    - Tasks
    - Template
    - Risks
    - Queue Setup information
    - Portfolio and Program
    - Scorecard

    - Task Default information (Task Default Approval Process, Task Default Custom Forms)
    If you leave any of the following items unselected, they transfer to the copied project by default:
    • Clear Assignments: Removes all the project and task assignments
    • Clear Progress: Removes the progress on all the tasks.
    • Clear Custom Data: Removes the information from the custom form on the project, as well as the information on the custom forms associated with the following items:
      - Tasks
      - Expenses
      - Documents
      The custom forms will remain attached to the tasks, expenses, documents, and the project, but the information in the custom fields of the forms is not copied to the new project. 
    • Clear DocumentsRemoves everything in the documents tab, including document versions, linked documents, and folders.
      By default, document proofs and approvals cannot be copied to another project.
    • Clear Financial Information: Removes the information in the following areas:
      - Finance sub-tab of the project
      - Planned Benefit from the Business Case
      - Financial information from all tasks
      For more information about the project Finance sub-tab, see "Understanding the Project Finance Sub-tab."
    • Clear Approval Process: Removes all approvals associated with the tasks or the project.
    • Clear Reminder Notifications: Removes the Reminder Notifications associated with the tasks or the project.
    • Clear Expenses: Removes expenses associated with the tasks or the project.
    • Clear Permissions: Removes permissions to all the users on the tasks or the project. 
      NOTE Permissions are removed from users who are assigned to the copied tasks, even if Clear Assignments is not selected.
    • Select all: Select this option to select all the options above and clear all the fields and objects listed from the new project.
  6. Click Copy to create a copy of the project.
    This creates a new project which is similar to the project you copied.
    You can start making changes to your new copied project, like review task assignments or adjust timelines.
This article last updated on 2019-04-11 22:13:49 UTC