Copying a Project

Users with access to create projects can copy a project rather than creating a new one from scratch. 

While copying a project, not all documents or their information are copied to the new project.

Items included when copying a project with documents or document links attached:

  • Document
  • Document links to third-party services, such as Google Drive or SharePoint
  • Versions

Items not included when converting an issue with documents and document links attached:

  • Proofs
  • Document approvals

To copy a project:

  1. Navigate to the project that you want to copy.
  2. Click Project Actions, then click Copy Project.

  3. Specify a name for the project.
    By default, the new name is Copy of Original project name
  4. You can select either of the following options.
    By default, both options are selected:
    Retain user assignments on tasks and project: Select this option to carry all task and project assignments from the original project to the new project.
    Retain Progress on Tasks: Select this option to carry all task progress from the original project to the new project.
  5. Click Save to create a copy of the project.
    This creates a new project which is identical to the project you copied.
    You can start making changes to your new copy of the project, like task assignments or timelines.