Modifying Column Width and Order

The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

You can modify the width and order of the columns in your reports in the following ways:

Permanently Modifying Width and Order of Columns 

To permanently reorder columns, see the "Creating or Customizing a Standard View" section in "Creating and Customizing Views."

You can permanently modify the width of a column only by using text mode.
For more information about using text mode and permanently modifying the width of a column, see "Understanding Text Mode."

Temporarily Modifying Width and Order of Columns

You can drag column borders to temporarily resize columns and drag and drop columns to temporarily reorder them in any list throughout the Workfront site. This includes reports, views, reports on dashboards, and the Gantt view.

NOTE You cannot temporarily modify the order of columns in a list of dashboards. 
You cannot modify the order or the width of columns in lists of projects in the Projects area and tab: 

  • Projects I'm On
  • Projects I Own
  • All projects

The new column sizes and the new column order are stored in your browser's local storage, and are saved by default. Using a different browser or clearing your cache or browsing data results in column sizes being reverted to the default.

When you resize columns, your changes apply only to the view you are currently using and are visible only to you. Sharing a view with another user does not share the column sizes that you have defined.

If you export any list to a file, the temporary order of the columns does not transfer to the exported file. The exported file displays the order of the columns in the original list, before the columns have been reordered. For more information about exporting data from lists and reports, see "Exporting Data." 

Temporarily Resizing Columns

Navigate to the report you want to modify.

Drag the border of a column until the column reaches the desired size.


NOTE The column sizes you choose are stored in your browser's local storage, and are saved by default. Using a different browser or clearing your website or browsing data results in column sizes being reverted to the default.

Temporarily Reordering Columns

  1. Navigate to the report you want to modify.
  2. Click a column you want to move to another location to pick the column.
  3. Drag the column into the correct location.
  4. Drop the column into the location, to move it. 

TIP This is especially useful when viewing the Gantt chart and the list view simultaneously. When viewing the Gantt chart, columns can become hidden. To view the column while the Gantt chart is displayed, simply drag the column that you want to view so that it is displayed on the left side of the page. 

NOTE Consider the following limitations when reordering columns:

  • The column order you choose is maintained only until you navigate away from the list, or you refresh the browser page. After navigating away from the list or refreshing the browser page, columns return to their default order.
  • For optimal performance, the columns you are reordering should not have more than 100 items in the list.


This article last updated on 2018-04-16 18:28:17 UTC