Understanding a Worker's Global Navigation Bar

The Global Navigation Bar changes with the access level you have been assigned by your system administrator. By default, you are given access only to the areas of the Global Navigation Bar that include functionality allowed by your access level. To understand the components of the default layout of each access level, see "Understanding Default Layouts."

Understanding the Default Global Navigation Bar of a Worker

As a Worker, your main responsibility is to complete work. The areas in the Global Navigation Bar that are visible to you allow you to do that.

The following Global Navigation Bar areas are included in the default layout of a Worker:

  • My Work: Tasks and issues assigned to you are displayed here. This is the default landing page for you, as a Worker. 
  • Reporting: Reports that are shared with you are displayed here.
  • Teams: Tasks and issues assigned to your teams are displayed in this area.
    As a Worker, you are the only Workfront user who sees the Teams area by default. This area is named "People" for users with a Plan license. As a Worker, you cannot edit users, so the People tab of this area is not available to you. You can see the work assigned to your Teams, however, and this is why this tab has been more accurately renamed to "Teams."
  • Requests: You can submit requests and review requests you or your team members have submitted here.
  • Timesheet: You can access your current, future, or old timesheets here.
  • Documents: You can upload documents, or review documents shared with you here.


Customizing Your Default Global Navigation Bar

You can customize the areas that you see in your Global Navigation Bar, by removing or adding areas to the bar. 

For more information about customizing the global navigation bar, see "Customizing the Global Navigation Bar."

Your system administrator can also modify your Workfront default layout by assigning you a Layout Template. For more information about working with Layout Templates, see "Creating and Managing Layout Templates."

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