Creating Tasks in the Legacy Gantt Chart

IMPORTANT The information in this article refers to functionality that is currently deprecated and will be removed from Workfront in 2018.

The Legacy Gantt Chart is an interactive Flash based version of the Gantt view that allows users  to create, edit, and update tasks in a worksheet format, similar to Microsoft® Excel™.  One of the ways a task can be created on a project is through a Gantt Chart

Creating Tasks

  1. Navigate to the Legacy Gantt Chart located on the More tab.

  2. Select +Add Task in the 'Name Column,' under the last task.

  3. Use enter or return to save the task. Continue to add tasks as needed. Duration and the start and finish fields are automatically populated with default values. Use in-line editing to update or modify as needed. 
  4. If 'Auto Save' is on, changes will save periodically. Make sure changes are saved prior to navigating away from the Gantt Chart. 

Creating Subtasks

Tasks can have parent-child relationships. Child tasks are called subtasks. Users can easily convert a task into a subtask in the Gantt chart. 

Open a project. Select the Legacy Gantt Chart. 

The Legacy Gantt Chart is located in the 'More' tab. If needed, click the toggle full-screen icon  to make the chart full screen. Note that each task listed in the chart has a number associated with it (see the # column).

Select a task or tasks by clicking the selection icon  next to the name of the task. There needs to be a task above the task you are editing in order to establish a subtask. Use the Control (Windows or Linux), Command (Mac), or Shift keys to select multiple tasks.

Right-click and select indent task. Notice the tasks change: The selected task or tasks become subtasks for task above it. Right-click and select outdent to reverse the subtask operation.

Click the Save button to save your changes, or 'Cancel' to discard them.


One drawback to creating tasks on the Legacy Gantt chart is that you can't enter all possible task attributes. You need to do this through the 'Tasks' screen. Consider using other methods when creating multiple tasks. 

Audited 6/13/2018

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