Associating a Milestone with a Task

Before you can associate a milestone with a task, the system administrator must first create a milestone path, as described in "Creating a Milestone Path."

You then need to associate the milestone path with the project and a specific task within the project:

  1. Navigate to a project and choose Edit Project. 
  2. Using the Settings section, set the milestone path to be used on the project. 

  3. Save the changes to the path. 
  4. Navigate to a task and edit the task. 
  5. Once a milestone path is associated with a project, tasks can be assigned a milestone. Only one milestone per task. 

  6. Use Status icons to identify which tasks have milestones, or use Views like the Milestone to monitor project progress.



Keep in mind that in order to associate a milestone path with a project, the project must be in Planning or Current Status. You can only associate one task with a milestone.

To get the best overview of the progress of milestones in your projects using the Milestone view, parent tasks should be created for each major phase of your project and a milestone should be assigned to each of these parent tasks.

This article last updated on 2017-02-13 20:56:32 UTC