Printing Dashboards


You can print or export a dashboard to a .pdf file. You can print any dashboard that you have permissions to view.

Understanding What Information Is Printed when Printing a Dashboard

When printing a dashboard or saving it to a .pdf file, some information from the dashboard, as it appears in the Workfront web application, may not appear on the printed or exported file. 

What Is Displayed?

The following information is included in the printed or exported dashboard file: 

  • Dashboard title
  • Report titles
  • Timestamp of when the report was last generated
  • All objects on the dashboard, including list views, external web pages, reports, and calendars
  • Your company’s logo, if your system administrator has customized it in your Global Navigation Bar.
    For more information about branding the Workfront site, see “Branding the Workfront Site.”

What Is Not Displayed?

The following information is not included in the printed or exported dashboard file: 

  • The Workfront navigation bar
  • Any other formatting that is specific to Workfront
  • Depending on the size of your reports and the number and width of individual columns, exporting and printing a dashboard might result in some columns being cut off.

Printing a Dashboard 

  1. Navigate to the dashboard that you want to print.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • Click Dashboard Actions > Print
    • Press Ctrl+P (on Windows) or Command+P (on Mac)
      This option is not available when using the Internet Explorer browser. 
  3. Select from the various printing options available. 
    The printing options vary depending on the browser and browser version you use.
  4. Click Print.
  5. (Optional) Save the dashboard as a .pdf file.
    On the Print screen, most browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) allow you to save the dashboard as a .pdf preview. Click Save to save the .pdf.


edited - Nov. 19, 2018

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