PDF Files Won't Proof Properly


Occasionally when proofing PDF files, users will experience errors.  Below are tips on what to troubleshoot.   


Some tips for PDF files which customers may find useful: 
- Please make sure to have all the fonts embedded inside the PDF file 
- Place all the images inside your design - if the images are linked from the outside sources (i.e. locally on the computer) they won't show up on other computers and also in Workfront Proof
- If your PDF file contains some empty layers or transparent/overlapping fields, this might prevent the PDF from processing to a proof. If you're not able to determine which layer or object causes this I'd advise you to export your design/document as an optimized PDF - this will remove all the unwanted elements 
- Password secured PDFs will process OK into proofs, however make sure that your security settings (i.e. content copying) on the PDFs are set to Allowed.