Recalculating Custom Expressions

QUESTION: Is custom expression recalculation done manually or automatically?



Recalculation of custom calculated fields can occur either automatically or should be done manually. Below are presented the cases for each situation.

Case 1: The calculation includes fields that belong to the same object, for example Task custom calculated field includes another task level field (not calculated). In this case the recalculation is automatically done once the change is made on the field included in the calculation. In case calculations in a field include another calculated field, you will need to recalculate custom expressions to make the changes apply.

Case 2: The calculated field includes a field from another object, for example task custom calculated field includes field from the project. In this case when the project field value is changed the task won’t reflect it automatically. You will need to recalculate custom expressions to make the changes apply.

To make the calculated expressions to recalculate, you can

  • edit the object (the task in this case) and without making any changes hit Save. The idea here is that during Save Changes on the edit task lightbox or custom form tab all the custom fields are being checked and this triggers recalculation of the calculated custom fields.
  • bulk select the objects you want to recalculate the expressions on, select edit, check the Recalculate Custom Expressions option (please see the image below) and Save Changes