Smart Assignments

Where do Smart Assignments appear?

  • In line edit on the assignments field
  • Assigned to field when viewing a task
  • Advanced assignments


When will Smart Assignments show up?

  • When on the task or issue there's a role or a team assigned
  • The task has a parent task and parent task has user assignments
  • The task has a parent task and the parent task has a team or job role assigned


Ranking or scoring of Smart Assignments

Smart assignments use the following scoring method to determine which names appear in Smart Assignments

  • Same team assigned to task - 2 pts
  • Assigned to parent task - 2 pts
  • Same role as assigned to task - 1 pt
  • Team assigned to parent task - 1 pt
  • Job role assigned to parent task - 1 pt
  • Same home team as originator - .5 pt
  • Same primary group as assignor - .5 pt
  • Same primary role as assignor - .5 pt
This article last updated on 2017-11-10 19:43:04 UTC