Automatically Logging Users Out


This is a setting that was put in place to log users out at a certain time. This is to help out with database connections. If a user says they are wondering why they are being logged out at the end of the day our throughout the day, it can be related to this setting. The following steps are how to change that. 


1. Click on Setup

2. Click on System

3. Click on Preferences

4. You will see" Automatically log users out after ...."

5. You can select the following:

    - The browser is closed

    - 15 Mins of Inactivity

    - 30 Mins of Inactivity

    - 1 Hour of Inactivity

    - 8 Hours of Inactivity

    - 24 Hours of Inactivity


***Keep in mind that something has to be selected so it is at the admins discretion on this.***