Proofing Tips

Disable Prompted Tour from ProofHQ

These are the steps you can take to disable automatic prompts:

  • Have your user go into an existing proof. 
  • After the user goes into the proof, have them select the little cog wheel on the top right.
  • There will be an option for them to turn off the promptings. 


Proofing Tool Loads Slow or Needs IP or URL to Whitelist

From ProofHQ Support:

All traffic is sent using standard HTTP and HTTPS ports, therefore ports 80 and 443 are used. In terms of destination, all traffic is directed against * (unless you use custom domain). 
Additionally, there is 5671 port used for updates in the ProofHQ Viewer.
***Useful when having problems with proofs not loading (timeouts) or working.

Proof Comment Life Cycle

This was brought up as a result of an issue dealing with a delay in receiving email notification on proofing comment.
Here's the way a comment is being posted and a user notified
  1. The user makes a comment in ProofHQ,
  2. ProofHQ sends the comment to Workfront via an API call,
  3. Workfront adds the update to the updates tab and emails the user.


Proofing Archive Timeline

A proof will be automatically be archived after 60 days of inactivity.  There is no way to change the number of days.