Proofing Tips

Disable Prompted Tour from Workfront Proof

These are the steps you can take to disable automatic prompts:

  • Have your user go into an existing proof. 
  • After the user goes into the proof, have them select the little cog wheel on the top right.
  • There will be an option for them to turn off the promptings. 


Proofing Tool Loads Slow or Needs IP or URL to Whitelist

From Workfront Proof Support:

All traffic is sent using standard HTTP and HTTPS ports, therefore ports 80 and 443 are used. In terms of destination, all traffic is directed against * (unless you use custom domain). 
Additionally, there are ports 5671 and 5672 used for updates in the Workfront Proof Viewer.
***Useful when having problems with proofs not loading (timeouts) or working.

Proof Comment Life Cycle

This was brought up as a result of an issue dealing with a delay in receiving email notification on proofing comment.
Here's the way a comment is being posted and a user notified
  1. The user makes a comment in Workfront Proof,
  2. Workfront Proof sends the comment to Workfront via an API call,
  3. Workfront adds the update to the updates tab and emails the user.


Proofing Archive Timeline

A proof will be automatically be archived after 60 days of inactivity.  There is no way to change the number of days.