Changing the Start Day of the Work Week

Question: How can I change the start day of the week on the timesheet?



The start day of the week on timesheets depends on your browser locale/language. For example, with browser locale/language set to English (United States) the week will start on Sunday whereas with English (United Kingdom) the start day will be Monday. This will also affect the start day of the week in the pop up calendars across the system.

The locale change won't affect the start day of the week on the Resource Grid (or resource grid view). The week will always start on Sunday.

Below are the directions on changing locale/language on different Workfront-supported browsers.

  • Chrome: chrome://settings/languages (open when in Chrome)
  • Firefox: about:preferences#content (open when in Firefox) -> Languages
  • IE 11:  Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Languages
  • Safari: Unfortunately, Safari doesn’t have the ability to change web browsing languages without also changing your entire operating system language. It is probably easier to simply install another browser like Google Chrome for MAC or Firefox for MAC.


This article last updated on 2017-11-10 18:43:44 UTC