Percent Complete Calculation

Workfront calculates Percent Complete based on the “Calculate Percent Complete based on...” setting in Setup -> Project Preferences page. The available options are:


In case of Duration, Workfront also uses two other settings for calculations – “Typical Hours per Work Day” and “Typical Work Days per Week”


That is due to Workfront always calculating Duration as hours, even when it is set as a day or a week. The system needs those two settings to calculate the Duration in hours correctly.

Calculation Formula

To calculate the Percent Complete for the project, Workfront performs the following steps:

1. Calculates worked hours for every non-parent task in the project using the following formulas:
Worked Hours = Percent Complete * Planned Hours / 100
Worked Hours = Percent Complete * Duration / 100

depending on the “Calculate Percent Complete based on...” setting in the Setup.

2. Summarizes those numbers to get the worked hours for the project (we’ll label that as X).
3. Summarizes the Planned Hours or Duration (depending on the “Calculate Percent Complete based on...” setting in the Setup) of all non-parent tasks to get the planned hours for the entire project (we’ll label that as Y).
4. Calculates Percent Complete based on the following formula:
Percent Complete = (X/Y)*100%

and then rounds the number.

The same formula can be applied to any parent task. In that case Workfront will follow the same steps only for the child tasks of the aforementioned parent task.


This article last updated on 2017-03-31 20:07:18 UTC