Special Characters to Avoid on Custom Forms


The following characters should be avoided in field names on Custom Forms:

 / \ * - + = < " ( ) & [ ] { }

Either the character isn't allowed (the last four), or if allowed, when using the custom field in a Report with a chart, an error will be thrown when clicking on the chart to drill into more details.

Additional Information

A report referencing a custom field with a special character will Error with a form of the following:

Let's try that again!
Invalid parameter: Search parameter value "DE:project:custom field name (requestID:)

Where DE means it's referencing a custom field and :project: is the custom form object type, task, issue etc.
The custom field name will be truncated where the special character falls.


The fix is to rename the custom field and remove any special characters.

You may also need to Edit the Report and remove the reference to the custom field, click Apply. Re-add the custom field to the report and Save.