Understanding Unregistered Users

Understanding Unregistered Users

Anytime you create a User without providing a "Workfront" password, they will show Unregistered.

If you create the user and do not send the invite email you will be forced to provide a Workfront password to create the user. However, you will need to manually let the user know what their temporary password is.

If you send the invite email, the user must follow the link in their invite email to complete the registration process. This will remove the Unregistered flag. If they do not, unregistered will remain next to the user's name in Workfront. Even though the user has logged in directly and is using Workfront.

New Workfront users who do not accept their Workfront email invitation will show as Unregistered in the People / User list.

Users can still access Workfront via their standard company url <domain>
The user won't know or have a password. They can click the Forgot Password link and follow the email link to reset their password. This will allow them into Workfront.

These users will continue to show within Workfront as unregistered.

In order to remove the Unregistered designation the Workfront System Administrator can reset the User's password. Once this occurs, Unregistered will be removed from the user.
The user will then want to reset their own password.

If the customer is now using SSO this means that they created the user before they switched to SSO. So, if they really want to remove Unregistered, unfortunately they would need to uncheck Use SSO, save the user, edit the user again, reset the password, then enable SSO again for the user.

This article last updated on 2018-03-01 21:06:04 UTC