Improvements to the Workfront Community and Help Sites

You will notice some changes to how you access Workfront support, service, training, and more. We’re introducing a Customer Success portal, the starting point to a newly expanded Help center and a brand new Workfront Community.

What’s the Customer Success Portal?

The Customer Success portal,, is your starting point to a redesigned Help center and the new customer Community. You’ll also find links to submit feature requests, schedule remote consulting, partner information, news, and more.

You may choose to go to Help or Community from the portal:

  • Help - search for answers and best practices, access customer support or training.

  • Community - connect with other customer or dive into discussions.

A New Way to Submit Support Tickets

Opening a Customer Support request has changed. If you are an Authorized Support Contact for your Workfront account, you’ll see a link at the top of  Help to open a ticket. The request will automatically be routed to the correct team. The direct link to Help is  

Important: Please replace any bookmarks you may have to with the new link to

Get Answers Faster

Help has an expanded knowledge base, with more robust search functionality and added documentation, all so you can get answers more quickly. These new and expanded solutions will help you find resolutions to common problems.

Higher Profile Trending Issues and Notifications

The new Help area keeps you on top of timely information. Trending issues are clearly visible on the new site, and you can see if we’re already working to resolve an issue that affects you. You can also directly link to Workfront Trust, which gives the real-time status of the Workfront on-demand system as a whole. Through Help, you’ll know what to expect and how best to move forward with your work.

Community Offers A New Space to Connect

The Workfront Community is a brand-new space where you can connect with other customers. You can share best practices and tips, ask for ideas, and engage with other customers in user groups and forums. Join the conversation!

Transitioning to the New Site

We want to make the transition to the new Workfront Community site as smooth as possible for you and your organization. 

As we transition to the new site, consider the following when using legacy sites:

Legacy Help Site

The legacy Workfront Help site ( is expected to be available for a couple of months during your transition. All information currently available on the legacy site is also available on the new site. New information is not planned to be added to the legacy Help site after April, and is expected to be turned off around June.

As the shut-off date for the legacy Help site approaches, expect to see content within Help articles replaced with links directing you to the new site.

Help URLs available within the Workfront product will begin pointing to the new site sometime in April.

Legacy Community Site

Some activities that were previously accomplished via the legacy Community site ( will be immediately deactivated when the new site goes live; these activities will be available only via the new site. These activities include:

  • Opening a ticket

  • Scheduling training classes

  • Scheduling consulting

The legacy Community site is expected to be turned off by the end of April.

Offer Your Suggestions

We want to hear from you! If you love the new features or you have ideas on how we can improve your experience, definitely let us know by.

Need Help Finding What You Need?

Contact Workfront Customer Support if you need assistance with the new Customer Success Portal:

  • Americas: 844-306-HELP (4357)

  • EMEA:  44-1256-274200

This article last updated on 2019-04-09 16:33:33 UTC