Workfront DAM FAQ

Question: What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?


Digital Asset Management offers an effective solution for enterprises to store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital files. Quick to deploy and easy to use, a centralized digital library provides peers, employees, clients, contractors and any other key stakeholders controlled access to digital assets—including images, photos, creative files, videos, audio, presentations, documents and more.


Question: What is Workfront DAM? 


Workfront DAM is a cloud-based digital asset management platform for enterprises of all sizes. Workfront DAM allows you to efficiently search, share and distribute all your digital media from one system integrated directly into Workfront, where you manage and control your work.

Workfront DAM gives corporate and enterprise teams the power to be more productive, meet deadlines and protect the company brand by managing and storing digital assets integral to the project and workflow. These capabilities include:

● Asset Management and Control - Stay organized and simplify the way you work. Easily manage your files while controlling access and usage.

● Brand Management - Maintain brand integrity and protect the way your company is represented. Quickly deliver all collateral, control it and protect it while guaranteeing easy access and ensuring consistent usage throughout your organization.

● Marketing Fulfillment - Your time is valuable. Empower teams to reach market segments more quickly by producing, accessing and distributing materials fast. With Workfront DAM, your materials can automatically be shared with printers, distributors and internal teams, making sure they have what they need when they need it.

● All Within Context - With tight integration into the the Workfront Marketing Work Cloud, Workfront DAM ensures that marketing teams have visibility into all of their marketing work in context with the assets they’re creating, managing and sharing with external and internal users.



Question: How is Workfront DAM Different?


Unlike other digital asset management tools, Workfront DAM is completely integrated into the Workfront solution, allowing digital assets to be managed, curated and fulfilled right where you’re actively managing all of your marketing work. With Workfront DAM, you’ll be able to:

● Tie work-in-progress assets into the DAM when they are finalized and ready for consumption

● Distribute and share assets with teams and third-parties, eliminating the need for FTP uploads or large email files

● See and share assets, all within the context of work being done

● Send curated assets and associated metadata from Workfront directly into Workfront DAM automatically with no need to re-enter data

● Save time, money and resources by having everything in one place, where it can be readily managed, controlled, accessed, distributed and fulfilled.


Question: Where Can I Access Files? 


Workfront DAM is 100% cloud-based, meaning that assets can be stored and retrieved from most any Internet-connected device with secure, 24/7 access. The Workfront DAM interface is user-friendly, and easy to understand, so teams will be eager to adopt and use the intuitive solution.


Question: What If I Already Have a DAM system? As a Workfront Customer, Do I Have to Use Workfront DAM? 


You can continue to use your existing DAM, separate from Workfront, or if you’re already using one of our existing DAM integration partners—Webdam or Widen—you’ll still be able to integrate those solutions directly into Workfront through our API. This can be managed through your system administrator.



Question: Will Workfront DAM Impact My Existing Storage Space on Workfront? 


It will not. Workfront DAM will have it’s own storage space separate from what you’re already storing in Workfront.


Question: I Already Have Document Storage Through Workfront. Do I Need a DAM Too? 


Workfront provides centralized document management in context of existing workflows, projects and tasks, with sharing, tagging, filtering and other features. Document storage is a great solution for organizing and sharing work-in-progress assets as they go through the concept, design and production lifecycle.

Digital Asset Management functions as a curated content library of completed assets that are ready for consumption. When assets have finished the production process and are ready to be utilized, customers are able to place those documents directly into the DAM and control and configure which branded items are available to which audiences. Directly manage how your brand is perceived, who can access specific items and be able to directly fulfill assets all from one place.