Workfront Font Change

Workfront made changes to the font being used on the Workfront application as part of an initiative to make text easier to read and to modernize the overall look of the product. As we adjust to the changes made there are a few best practices to consider. 

Display: The optimal resolution for using Workfront is 1400x900. Users can change the resolution in their operating system’s Resolution controls. Users can also adapt their resolution by adjusting the user controls specific to the monitors they are using. 

Font Extenders: Many users have added font extenders to their browsers in order to have them display a font of their choosing. We do not recommend using font extenders as those can disrupt how objects are viewed within the application. A few examples of disruptions would include but are not limited to dashboards, reports, list views, word wrapping, printing, etc. Technical Support Engineers will not have the ability to troubleshoot any problems with font extenders because they are 3rd party software not intended for use with the product. 

As always, any feedback regarding changes to the product is important to us and we are actively interested in collecting that. Feedback is best communicated to our Product Managers by submitting a “Submit Feature Request” from the help-site at