Sending a Report in the Preview Sandbox Environment

The information on this page refers to functionality that is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment. This functionality will not be made generally available.

You can set up Report Delivery options in your Preview Sandbox environment. While Preview is meant to function as close as possible to your production environment, allowing you to see and preview new and upcoming features, some functionality differs from your production environment.

For more information about scheduling reports for delivery in the Production environment, see "Setting up Report Deliveries."

Be aware of the following differences in the way reports are scheduled and delivered in the Preview Sandbox environment: 

  • How Reports are Delivered:
    Reports sent through the Send Now or Repeating Deliveries tabs cannot be delivered from your Preview Sandbox environment. This also means no emails or notifications are sent to users.  
  • How Reports are Stored: 
    Reports sent through the Preview Sandbox are stored in the documents directory for recipients. This means reports are stored on the Documents tab found on a user's profile page. Any reports larger than 5MB are also stored in the Workfront Delivered Reports folder.
    To locate stored reports:
    1. Click your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the interface.
    2. Select your name from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click the Documents tab.
    4. Click the Workfront Delivered Reports folder to access your delivered reports.

  • How External Users are Notified:
    External users do not receive reports sent from the Preview Sandbox, nor do they receive an email notification. Unlike licensed users who have permissions and access to the Documents tab on their user profile, external users do not have a user account.
    External users only receive emailed reports if they are delivered from a Production environment.   
This article last updated on 2018-06-26 14:31:47 UTC