Approving Work


If you have been set as an approver, you should regularly review what work is awaiting your approval. You can do this from the following areas:

  • The My Approvals area on your My Work page (as described in this section)
    The approvals tab displays all projects, tasks, issues, timesheets, documents, and access awaiting your approval.
    Approvals are removed from the My Work area when the associated project, task, or issue is marked Resolved, Closed, or Canceled. 
  • The Approvals tab in a project, task, or issue (as described in this section)
  • A report
    You can create a report that contains this information. For information about how to create a report, see "Creating a Report.")
  • Directly from a document or proof (as described in this section)

The following sections describe how to approve work:

NOTE If you are unable to view an approval request, confirm you access to the item. For more information, see "Understanding Permissions in the Access Model."

For more information about viewing items you have submitted for approval yourself, see "Viewing Approvals."

Approving Work from the My Work Area

  1. Click My Work in the Global Navigation bar.
  2. Click the Approvals tab, then click My Approvals.
    All work items that require your approval are displayed. Approvals are shown in the reverse order of when they were requested, with the most recently requested approvals at the bottom. 
  3. Click one of the available options to filter the list of items waiting your approval (by default, all items waiting your approval are displayed):
    • Projects: Click Approve or Reject next to the work item.
    • Tasks: Click Approve or Reject next to the work item.
    • Issues: Click Approve or Reject next to the work item.
    • Timesheets: Click Approve or Reject next to the work item.
    • Documents: Click ApproveReject, or Changes next to the work item.
      Consider the following when viewing proofing approvals: (Proof approvals are displayed here when a user shares a proof with you, as described in "Adding Users to a Proof" in "Sharing a Proof.")
      • Proofing approvals are displayed in the My Work area only if your Workfront environment is integrated with a Workfront Proof Premium account. If you cannot use proofing as discussed here, contact your system administrator.
      • You receive an in-app notification, notifying you about the proofing approval.
        For more information about in-app notifications, see "Using In-App Notifications."
      • The name of the user who requested the approval is displayed next to the thumbnail image in the My Work area, with the following text:
        "User A would like your approval on..."
        If the user name is not available, the following text is displayed:
        "A new version of a proof is ready to view"
      • To make an approval decision on the proof, click Go to Proof, click Finish review, then click one of the available options. The available options when approving a proof are: Approved, Approved with changes, Changes required, and Not relevant.
        After a decision is made on the proof, the proof remains in the My Approvals tab with the text "Decision Made" until you click the Refresh button, or until you refresh the browser page.
    • Access: Select the level of access to grant in the Change access drop-down menu, then click Grant Access. Or, click Ignore.
    • All: Displays all work items in a combined view.

Approving Work Directly from a Project, Task, or Issue

When a project, task, or issue is pending approval, you can approve or reject the approval process directly from the project, task, or issue. You can also view details regarding the approval process.

To approve work directly from a project, task, or issue:

  1. Navigate to the project, task, or issue that requires your approval.
    Approval information regarding a project is displayed near the project name.
    Approval information regarding a task or issue is displayed in the right panel.
    The following approval information is available:
    Status: The current status of the project, task, or issue. This is the status that is pending approval. The status is approved after each step in the approval process is approved.
    Approval Steps: The steps in the approval process.
    The current step that is pending approval is displayed as blue. You can view previous or future approval steps in the approval process by clicking the More buttons to the right and left of the current step. Steps that have already been approved are displayed as green; steps that have not yet been approved are displayed as gray.
    See in Approvals Tab: Click this option to view the approval steps within the Approvals tab.
  2. Click Approve or Reject, depending on whether you want to approve or reject the approval process.
    The approval step that was pending approval is now approved, and the approval process moves to the next step. The status is approved after all steps have been approved.

Approving a Document Directly from a Document or Proof

To approve a document:

  1. Navigate to the documents area that contains the document that requires your approval.
  2. Select the document, then click ApproveChanges, or Reject.
  3. (Optional) If a proof has been generated for the document, you can approve the document within the proofing interface. You can also make any comments along with the approval decision.
    The approval is set after you click ApproveChanges, or Reject. Any comments are automatically included with the approval decision. 


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