Overview of Basic Workfront Proof Usage

Workfront Proof is a tool that allows certain users to generate proofs for editing/comparing side by side and commenting on documents (magazine layouts, brochures, etc).

Proofing license

First, in order to generate a proof, a user must have a proofing license. This means that when they go to the Docs tab, they can highlight a doc and select “Generate Proof” and the proof will stay in their system.

There is a setting for proofing enabled users. “Automatically generate proofs when uploading documents"  will create a proof for any docs that are uploaded in Workfront. Many times, this feature is de-activated to preserve the number of proofs in an org’s Workfront environment (since they pay for the number of proofs that they use).  This can be re-activated by going to the user’s individual preferences. However, admins must know that each document will generate a proof and potentially cost them more. If that option is de-selected, proof generators MUST generate a proof for all document versions they create.

Users do not need a proofing license to be able to use/view/comment on the proofs generated in Workfront Proof. Using the proofing tool is something that’s available to any user (even external ones) as long as proofing is enabled in the AT environment. This is especially important to remember, because some of the configuration to use Workfront Proof is set up in Workfront, but will apply throughout the proofing tool. 

Important: If a user’s license type does not give them access to edit docs, they will not have the ability to use the proofing tool or to view proofs that have been generated. “Proof Not Available” will show where a normal “Proof” would be.


In order to view a proof or access the proofing tool, a user must first have the object shared with them. By default, View access gives users the ability to view proofs, however the system admin can (if desired) remove proofing access by selecting Advanced Settings and de-selecting “proofing”.

To generate a proof, a user simply needs to highlight or select the doc and select “Generate Proof”. Again, the user must have a proofing license (which is purchased through the CAE) to generate a proof.

Proof Versions

Workfront Proof allows users to create multiple versions of a proof to aid in comparing and editing proofs. Often graphic designers are the licensed users, while everyone else views, edits and comments on proofs.  Different versions of the proof appear in the document Versions tab. 

Important: In order to view ALL the versions of a proof, each version of the proof needs to be shared upon creation. Otherwise, a user will only have access to the specific version that was shared with them. This is especially important for the users with Manager proofing permissions or users without proofing licenses, as they can only see the versions to which they are explicitly added to.

Currently, there is no way to go back and share previous versions of proofs. This is pending dev and Workfront Proof so is subject to change (Workfront uses an API to integrate with Workfront Proof). 

There are two ways to create a new version of a proof. You can select the doc, select More and select “New Version”. A window will populate so you can select the file. You can also open the doc, navigate to the Versions tab and create a new version there.