Adding Recurring Tasks


Sometimes Users might need to create recurring tasks; tasks that they have to do again and again as part of a single project. For example, during an IT project, software will likely need to be backed up at regular intervals. Have a recurring task for this chore will reduce the time needed to set up multiple individual tasks.


  • Navigate to a project, and select the Tasks tab.

  • Click the '+ New Task' button and scroll to Recurrence Frequency field.


  • Choose a Frequency: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • Select a frequency for the Task to be created. For example, Mondays & Wednesdays, every 3rd day, the 4th week.
  • Enter a start date for the tasks to begin. Use start and end dates or number of occurrences to indicate constraints.


  • Click 'Save Task' to confirm changes.

After the tasks have been added to the project, they can be treated as any other tasks with assignments, predecessors, durations and other work components added to them.