Preview Sandbox Login Error: "Username/password wasn't quite right"


A user tries to login to the preview sandbox and receives "Let's try that again: That username/password combination wasn't quite right. Make sure your caps lock isn't on and try again."

This error is always correct. The user is using the wrong username or password. Most likely, they are trying to use their SSO username and password. They need to use their Workfront username and password.


This is related to the use of SSO within the Workfont production system and the differences between Workfront credentials and SSO credentials. The Preview Sandbox does not use SSO. Therefore you need a Workfront username and password to login to the preview sandbox.

Steps to fix:
1) A Workfront Admin needs to login to Production.
2) Find the user and Edit the user info.
3) Uncheck "Only Allow Active Directory Authentication" or it may say "Only Allow SAML 2.0 Authentication" depending on what kind of SSO you're connecting to. (this unchecking is just temporary)
4) Save Changes.
5) The Admin should immediately Edit the user again.
6) Click the "Reset Password" link just under the Active Directory / SAML Username. This is to reset the Workfront Password NOT the Active Directory Password or SAML Password.
7) You will be prompted for the Admin password then allowed to provide a new temporary password for the user.
8) Save Changes again.
9) The User should now Login to Production using their Workfront Username: which is case sensitive, and the Temporary password entered in Step 7.
10) The user will Enter the Temporary Password again and then Enter and confirm a new password.
11) Have the user log out then back in once to confirm their username/password works, then they can log out. (this is the only time they should use their Workfront user/pwd to login to Production)
12) The Workfront admin should now Edit the User profile again and re-check "Only Allow Active Directory Authentication" or "Only Allow SAML 2.0 Authentication"
13) Save Changes
14) After the Preview Sandbox is refreshed during the next weekend, it will pull in the Workfront password set above and the user will then be able to log into Preview Sandbox with their Workfront credentials

Preview Sandbox URL: <domain> (formerly or
Pwd: whatever you set when you logged in in Step 10.

It's important to remember the sandbox credentials are the Workfront user and password and NOT the SSO user and password.

The same steps would apply to a Custom Refresh Sandbox (SB01 or SB02), except you have control over when to refresh the Custom Refresh Sandbox.

This article last updated on 2017-11-13 19:27:34 UTC