Automatic Issue Status Change When Comment Is Posted


When a user posts a comment to an Issue they would like the status to automatically change to In Progress (similar to Workfront HelpDesk functionality).

This only works when the Issue is in Awaiting Feedback and the Primary Contact makes an update. This is hard-coded into Workfront to trigger off the Issue Status Key = AWF. By default, AWF is associated with Awaiting Feedback.


  1. To make this work, go to Setup > Project Preferences > Statuses > Issues tab > Issue subtab. Make sure you have a status that has a key of AWF.
  2. If any of the Status Keys have been changed and an AWF key no longer exists, then this Automatic Status change will not work.
  3. If you've renamed the status Awaiting Feedback to something else that still equates to AWF, it would work for that status.
  4. If the above is configured correctly, when the Primary Contact makes an update to an issue in Awaiting Feedback (AWF), it will change automatically to In Progress.

Additional Information

The owning project needs to allow users to change the Issue status.

  • Open the project > Edit Project > scroll down to the Access section.
  • When someone submits a REQUEST...
    • Give them Contribute access
    • select the down arrow next to Contribute
    • click Advanced Settings
    • check the box for "Change Status"
  • Save Changes

NOTE: Existing Issues may need to have their Sharing changed to allow for "Change Status"