POP Accounts Are Being Disabled


A user reports that updates are not being received after they reply by e-mail or they report they are no longer able to use an e-mail address to create issues. The system administrator looks at the request queue or setup area and find that the POP e-mail account is disabled. 

  • If Workfront fails to connect to a POP account an internal counter goes up by 1. when this counter reaches 150 Workfront automatically disables the account.
  • After a period of 12 hours without being able to connect to the pop account Workfront will disable the POP account.



Verify the username and password to the POP account are correct. Often times a password was changed as part of a company's security policy and the password needs to be update in Workfront.

Verify the Ports being used to connect to the POP account. 

Use the Workfront feature of sending a test e-mail to check if the functionality is working correctly.