Bulk Adding Users Without Kick-Starts


Sometimes as a company you may be in need of bulk adding users and using Kick-Starts seems a little difficult.


You are able to do this through the People tab, using a simplified Excel file. Below are the steps to follow to get this done.

  1. Go to People tab
  2. Then to the People sub tab
  3. Next to the " + New Person" select the Drop Down and then select Import People
  4. You will see the following on your screen.
  5. You will just download the sample file and fill it in. Notice that on the sample file below, that it gives you instructions plus a menu of Access Levels available to you. ** Note that you are given an example fill in of John Doe. You must remove John Doe before uploading or you will receive an error.
  6. Once this is filled out you will simply click on Choose file > Select your recently edited one > Upload

Note: that this will automatically select your default Home Group for them. You can choose to bulk edit this once the users are uploaded if needed.

This article last updated on 2017-11-09 17:21:27 UTC