Maintenance Update on June 13, 2015

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on June 13, 2015.

Ref # Name
6697380 Program Percent Complete decreases when marked as complete
6685401 Approvers’ names stop showing under Task -> Approvals when a change is made to the list of approvers in the approval processes from Setup
6682279 Custom Form data is Not Populating
6680158 Work Request and Team Queue not displaying all details for each work item – Dupl. 6668530
6679175 Early Access: View missing from Agile when Early Access On (JSD)
6676827 PTO part day AM/PM is not visible in Time-Off tab
6676748 After adding projects from an existing portfolio to a new portfolio, they unassociate from the new portfolio when you delete the old one
6674778 Request titles cutoff that have g’s and y’s
6674143 Getting milestone task pending approval error when attaching template
6671025 Error while editing project custom forms
6668945 No response when clicking on the notifications icon while using IE 9 and 10
6668928 Hours not generating revenue when set to Issue Time
6659771 Issue with Custom Form (Name: Sourcing)
6554823 Direct link to request queue error
6553647 Error message when opening user’s timesheet
6553299 Routing rule queue refresh not occurring properly on reselection
6551583 Projects showing in New Request drop down, even if it is not set up as help request queues.
6549225 Dropbox files are counted against the storage quota
6547705 Truncated reports in dashboard view
6546891 Textmode filtering doesn’t work on the calendars; it always switches back to builder
6546651 “constraintDate cannot be Null” error when editing dates for Tasks
6546641 Java script error on team Backlog page
6546469 Data on a custom field is not being returned consistently
6545557 Weekly Recurring Task Series “Save Task” button is greyed out when adding a new task.
6545359 Edit button doesn’t react when trying to click on it to edit projects from under the Program tab
6542261 Database error when deleting user
6541827 When clicking “Done” on MyWork, and then clicking another work item, the 2nd work item is removed, but the original one that was completed remains.
6537744 Invalid Parameter: Search parameter value “null” when on a Calendar Event report
6537456 FR translated strings dispalying in english
6537455 translated French showing in english
6537402 untraslated string
6537400 Strings in english, but translated
6537395 Translated strings are still showing in english
6537361 Truncated Box in French
6537358 French Truncation on Mky Wor
6534129 Team Member cannot complete or update tasks when specific template is assigned
6532380 Conditional Formatting rules apply to wrong rows
6522532 Admin cannot delete hour types-Insufficient Access
6521431 Update Feeds in Setup Unmanageable – Paging Completely Broken in All Browsers
6521430 2 issues are not showing on Calendar
6513061 Sufficient access errors when removing inherited permissions
6510512 Portfolio – Milestone View
6502553 Kickstart
6502263 API: Hour Object lastUpdateDate Not Accurate with a Comment Add or Comment Modify
6497074 Modifying an approval process results in an issue appearing in Work I’ve Submitted for Approval list of the person who modified the approval process, but didn’t actually changed the status.
540963 Opening proofs issue shows blank (black) proofing screen.
540735 Project Condition Icons are different upon export
540730 Adding a task via in-line throws an error
540570 Sharing Documents with a user with Contribute access gives an error when saving changes
540216 MS Project Imports – Manual “Task Mode” setting not being honored during import, retains ASAP instead of Fixed Dates constraint
540049 Search Results are Inconsistent
539630 Elitest 18: Database Constraint Error on Delete
539607 Email accounts are not being POPed based on the timer.
539509 Chrome browser doesn’t allow pop-up options to stay up and selectable.
539325 Documents: Error when deleting a document
538943 AMS: Issue Details display problem
538412 “Request a Document” is uploading the document as the Requestor, not the actual submitter
537923 Tasks assigned to teams not showing in work requests, but shows (1) where it should appear.
537773 Question about download all button not appearing on Document report page.
537315 Not able to use Enter key in a text box custom field
536793 When changing the iteration name, all sub-tasks are assigned to development team
536633 Report with “or” logic only returns one portion of the results (ZU)
536617 Project creation from template not keeping template owner assignment
536251 For Radio, Check field, the Choices layout not in order as entered, but aligned based on text length within the box
536065 Exporting report to excel – data list tab showing wrong %
535766 When navigating between Story Board and Stories tabs the page won’t refresh after 1 navigation back and forth.
535905 Incorrect Task Dates
535430 Browser freezes in timesheet IE 11 or FF 36
535369 Status on parent task has different behavior when on Agile iteration
534685 Collapsing or Expanding Groups causes report to jump to top in IE (MS)
534244 User’s Timesheet Default Hour Type not populating with the user’s default hour type.
533451 Pop up calendar not displaying in proper location on dashboards
532640 Search Facets not displaying all options
531633 AtTask performance: please re-open issue 511831
531166 POP account password length reverts to show 7 characters
529342 SSO file
526939 “People” tab is showing in the glob.nav bar instead of “Teams” tab for Reviewer licenses.
525919 Parent Project Actual Completion Date
523662 Exporting XML from Workfront: the text written in   or format doesn’t export from Workfront text fields
523687 When submitting a request, Section Breaks that contain solely calculated fields and require manage access on the issue can be seen by users with lower access
523576 Problem importing xml file from MSP
523247 Cannot convert a task to a project
522478 Calendar in Dashboard Issue
522476 Chart numbers of an expense report are divided by 1000 when the browser language is French.
522253 Performance of Workfront when using the team calendar
521620 Cannot delete hour types
520329 Predecessors aren’t updating when adding in tasks
516904 AtTask Gantt times revert to current time
516889 Custom Forms Date Calendar behaves differently between Preview and actual Use.
516763 Setting up Users from template doesn’t include Layout template
516754 project sharing
515590 Project status: This value already exists, but must be unique. Constraint enforced by database
515244 Can’t convert issues to Projects because of the document
514996 Request Queue is not working correctly
513947 Calendar error message
512888 ScoreCard Report Scorecard Name does not pull the right data and it redirects to old PPM UI
511535 Plan Level Access Project Creation Sharing for Everyone Not Working
511294 Predecessor Complete equal True Error
510773 Custom fields aren’t in-line editable in “Subtask” view, works fine in normal task list at project level.
510227 Custom Form Builder Error/Issue
509884 Matrix Exported doesn’t round totals appropriately
507047 “Or” filter shows same custom data element as de <custom data> and <custom data> in different segments of the OR (ZU)
494051 Error:Could not load projects-adding projects Capacity planner
490668 Layout template issue for a user with requester license
488633 Differing results with Due dates
488358 Filters: Sorting tasks by Planned Start Date is less than / equal $$TODAY show incorrect results
488313 Views: Hours by Type fails on a project
487530 Discrepancy in how Kick-Start imports Users/teams and task/project
487276 Calendars: duplicate items created after seeing error message for the wrong expression of a custom label
487200 Calendar: calendar does not show task in Projected Completion Date when selected
485706 Reports: can’t see any reports in folders if paginating beyond first page
482704 Custom Data Kickstart Fails to Import Category Parameters
481291 Cannot add team to user profile
477909 Dashboards: table in dashboard has collapsed
470840 Password Reset message still appearing multiple times
467431 Calendar dates that span days are not lined up across the different days of the week
465011 ‘Add Folder’ button is missing on Review License Documents Page
461851 Elitest 03: Calculated Fields Now Require 2 Steps
460858 Hour Types View Parameters Aren’t Visible
446921 Groups: Front end display of nested groups collapses too many rows
398343 Inconsistent decimal places in reports across on-screen / PDF / XLXS formats
6544417 “Request Access” is Slow for our End Users
6538777 Federation ID is NOT working still
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