Maintenance Update on August 1, 2015

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on August 1, 2015.

Ref # Name
522439 MyWork Work requests showing future Task
6837519 Login As sometimes logs me in as myself instead of selected person
7380064 Editing the project breaks custom form
6670731 Unable to access an iteration for agile team because of Document Count
6830595 Workfront search issue in IE8
6856226 Techonolgy Team Capacity Report always showing 1 month out from today’s date
7107464 Login to fails on login, works for some customers; exact opposite effect for others where errors on login but logs in just fine
6828633 Users can’t see task custom form data
6829410 Firefox: Unable To Create a Folder
6831433 Project report with filters including project name/id and user name with OR qualifier displays personal projects in the report
6834778 Error msg when edit recurring task
6834951 When bulk editing timesheets with different approvers and with more than 2 approvers on one of the them, all the approvers get removed
6832182 Request Queue in Planning showing on the list of Request Queues
6834952 Default Team is not showing when submitting a new request/issue
6829861 In-line editing assignments resets previously assigned job roles.
6854693 Getting differing user experience on session termination from IDP
6825563 New MyWork Fields in Layout – Description unreadable as it does not display returns.
6825913 Approving hours on projects through the API Does not fill out approved by or on date
6844296 Copied Projects, Tasks on target project do not show up on the Backlog
6841050 Reviewer cannot see documents tab at the portfolio/program level
6840981 Saving Project as a template gets error: Invalid Parameter: Retirement Product value “{}”
6849295 Unable to mark Billable/Reimbursable Buttons when adding new expenses from Task
6698620 Can’t in-line edit custom field “Next Review Date” with contribute access
6810009 Elitest 22: Repainting Bug
6685954 When a user with administrative access to edit “Custom Forms in My group” edits the form, the system removes the groups the user doesn’t have access to from the list of groups that can attach the form to an object
6826522 Email address hyperlink is not showing a full email address
6681540 When expanding the collapsed list of assignees on the assignment bar, the assigned team doesn’t show up in the list
6809789 Cannot approve an issue as a request license user.
6815803 Error Message on entering time on Timesheet: Invalid Parameter: hours:task hourTypeID value “545a4602000b162f893ed4066d6e2ea8”
6806960 Cannot see Custom Quarters to select when creating a matrix report. Problem when checking “Show quarters with no results”
6685956 When converting the issue to a project, the system shows the original uploader of the document in the document section, and the project creator in the updates feed
6703005 Saving custom form after editing it pops up an access error message.
6810822 “Recalculate Custom Expressions” not working on a task report bulk edit.
6823459 Proofing tool – Delay loading proofs
6703118 Request queue – “Custom Forms” text Displaying instead of “Custom Form”
6698454 Custom form does not stick when adding to a template task
7145108 Custom Forms: Unable to reorder values in dropdown/checkboxes/radio buttons fields
7129955 Chart numbers of an expense report are divided by 1000 when the browser language is French (Switzerland)
7144485 Error when importing MS project into Workfront
7126999 Recent Updates in MyWork show updates for deleted items
7135187 User with “Contribute” permission and assigned to a task is not able to update it. The error “You do not have sufficient access to edit this Task” pops up
7141478 In custom form builder unable to select searched expression for calculation
7330998 Email/Username field on Login Screen in IE9 is not tall enough to display full character
536263 Custom Form Problems Moving Fields, Sections, etc.
536276 Reporting: Column Rules with conditional formatting that apply to the entire row remain even after the column is deleted.
6570677 Issue type can be changed on report to all items when only issue is set on queue setup.
6551233 Cannot add predecessor when creating a subtask using In-line edit
6838504 Allow people within the same company to see each other’s requests” option not being saved when being unchecked in Queue Setup
6537399 Translated String in english
6521253 Outdenting a Parent Task will cause Child Tasks to disappear when collapsed
6682662 Plan User can’t share document with external user
6538933 Misleading email: Dependent tasks ready to start when Predecessor isn’t yet Finished
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