Maintenance Update on August 15, 2015

he following customer-reported issues were fixed on August 15, 2015.

Ref # Name
7104684 Dashboard/Report Grouping Total Discrepancy
7424806 Calendar items that extend over multiple days are disjointed again.
7552557 Report prompts for Custom Fields not auto-finding if you start to type
7397240 Business case is not showing with exporting
7422573 Unknown Error Message
7550812 let’s try again error message on timesheets
7385485 The approval does not appear on the document until you refresh the page. This is causing confusion for customers and they are approving the documents twice.
7413104 Submitted To field under My Work -> Approvals -> Work I’ve Submitted to Approval doesn’t show the correct person
7564131 Save New Issue button is greyed when required paragraph text field is present
7555702 Personal Project Tasks not appearing on timesheet
535519 Reminder Notification Email not sending
7548658 Time-off Calendars not displaying properly from Teams Tab.
7404208 Unable to close the warning dialog for project completion
7391366 When Combination chart with a grouping on a project custom field is added, the chart shows wrong numbers
7403371 Requestors are unable to post comments on their issues if “never allow visibility of planned hours or actual hours” is selected in Access level
7554743 Risk Fields in the business case are displaying Backwards
7387648 Constraint Violation error when deleting team
6836613 OR filters do not properly join tables when null is an option
6839110 Replacing Forms Using Multi-form Capability Does Not Update Category Name Field
6833892 Task creation via Update Status within issue does not work
6821213 Approval Path: Database error due to constraint violation
6808717 Notification emails are being sent without a body
535532 Task>>Estimate field is stored as [TEXT] rather than as [NUMBER]
7143710 Job Roles are removed when a named user is assigned
7127020 A manually created filter identical to built in one (Last Two Weeks) doesn’t show data while the built in one shows.
7129573 When a Milestone view is applied to a report, it shows no results in a custom tab under the portfolio
7144477 With browser language set to French (France) percent complete bar doesn’t fill in when the percent complete contains comma
7139825 Error When Copying a Custom Form with Logic to another Object “The following error occurred: Need to have at least one rule match field for cascade rule”
7130219 Request Queue is not populating in alphabetic order
7145349 Project planned completion date not accurate according to completion of last task.
7125219 Exporting Issues: Source Column
7355283 Typo in sandbox 1 login screen for Notifications
539325 Documents: Error when deleting a document
535429 Printing from Chrome produce black bands on headers
517015 Searching Filter Not Filtering Correctly (continuation of issue: 489161)
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