Maintenance Update on September 26, 2015

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on September 26, 2015.

Ref # Name
6699091 24 hour schedule not working on public Report
7629154 Programs subtab menu has error appearing
7620245 Unable to convert requests to projects – You do not have sufficient access to view this Team
7627217 Email Notifications are coming in as “512” in the message body
7607198 Performance – People Tab spins endlessly, doesn’t load or generates timeout Error
7618438 Inconsistency in what is showing on the Working on tab on team calendar
7607256 Custom Forms not Saving Within Issues for Help Desk Requester user with Manage permission and ‘Edit’ access for issues
7619860 Unable to upload Project from MS project. After re-exported .xml from MS project, is works
7615557 Can’t Convert Issue with Actual Hours
7409593 Approvals tab showing completed requests
7564599 Dropdown fields with many choices are not sorting; newly added choices always stay on the bottom
7557324 Team Requests: From and Due missing from issue’s info in queue Part 2
7556188 Links added as a new update to the “recent updates” error found in “My work” are adding additional html code
7525949 Issue type not appearing in dropdown of view
7558684 Message log shows the name of the person who owns the document and not the actual requestor
7422356 Save New Issue button won’t activate until you fill in all the required data. In case of Tasks/Projects Save button is active but you get an error upon saving if the required fields are not filled in
7546485 User report with Resource Grid view applied shows max of 100 results.
7593379 Updating a Timesheet item with a comment brings the calendar behind the update box
7560437 Chart Grouping Corrupts Report on Custom Form Data (JSD, MS) – summing custom data as left axis of chart prevents inline editing and unlinks column data from editor
7555956 Cannot change view, filter, groupings in project list (ZU)
7558046 @ Tagging not working in Document > Updates area
6838564 When accommodating additional days for approval processes, the planned hours increase on the resource grid
7395132 User unable to view projects tab on global navigation bar
7573856 Hours Report Notification Issues
7555704 When the task is in pending approval status you are able to edit the custom data via Task Details -> Custom Form(s) tab
7398678 Custom Form issues- when custom form is filled out the form disappears but when you try to edit the form it reappears.
7404507 Workfront “Automatically log users out after” does not take you to the SSO SAML Log Out URL
7365588 Capacity Planner not allowing role removal or “set budget to Schedule”
7384108 Iteration Custom Form not Automatically Updating
7385654 Formatting issue – Columns do not appear to line up with their respective headers during export to excel
6828633 Users can’t see task custom form data
7620925 Sub tabs in people tab are not clickable.
6851652 Error when editing project custom form
402721 Inline or Gantt Edit – Planned Duration Updates Not Holding with Task Simple Duration Type
7580520 Bubble notification is not showing when a document is rejected for second time.
7577167 System hangs when user try to sort the records
7585576 Custom priority not set when converting Issue to a Project
7588192 Template with primary key values “null” not found when adding a sub task
7571030 Move Documents box
7573116 New reporting refresh tool is messing up data
7573175 Updating project status pops up SQL error
7572660 Unclear behavior and message related to root folder when moving documents between folders
7574957 Database holding on to obsolete Job roles for report prompts
7577095 Can not select submit when adding a new Issue
7577796 Sharing problem with documents added at Program level
7580244 Whoops Error Appears when Creating a new project request and Adding goals
7602728 Report Summary Displays with less information in Firefox – blue grouping bars are blank
7567968 User’s Calendar View not loading properly in IE 10
7573384 Owner name displaying for approval on document instead of user sending for approval
7589031 ?update? button on Task updates in Timesheet
7133783 Japanese selection list is very few of Customizing the My Work Area of Layout Template
7347288 Commit Date Changing when Percent Complete updated from Update Stream
7346001 Request Date field on Document Approval object is not sortable in report. Gives Invalid Parameter error.
540559 4th External Page is not loading on a dashboard
536914 Wrong Japanese Labels on Calendar of Time-Off
7109000 Project level custom fields are accessible from Gantt Chart preferences when the Gantt view is applied on a task report.
7116177 Approvals appearing on a project in Idea status.
511696 Actual Hours Field not working in Matrix Resource Estimate Report
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