Maintenance Update on October 17, 2015

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on October 17, 2015.

Ref # Name
7764887 Error message when you click on hours tab of project
8054397 Option to mark done is pulled from everyone else on the task after the first person marks done
7804051 Header on issue returns errors, no Issue sharing is available
8055321 HUB ISSUE: No document upload box seen for customer submitting helpdesk requests
7798601 Update Button Unavailable under people tab when in Staffing
8063908 No custom form is available during Issue -> Task conversion
7800664 Unable to Attach Task to Project Error “Invalid Parameter: Direct Market value “Gannett Local””
7801762 Error Creating new user when changing Access level
7842251 Column sizing on tasks list or reports not sizing correctly.
8057207 ‘New Version’ Button is Unavailable on a user document for the System admin
7942324 Log future hours
7759248 Custom Form Section viewable to non-admins when admin permissions is applied
7765801 If the Expense Amount field is left empty in the Business Case the Expense is not saved, if it is left empty in the Expense tab it is saved.
7792496 Email Submission Issue – You are not authorized to submit issue through email (users with View access to this project)
7790232 ‘All Versions’ tab on document showing whoops error
7790242 Plan License user cannot edit Template with Custom Form with default fields
7605199 Error message “Invalid Parameter: Search Parameter value “referenceObject:name”” when trying to sort by Source column under the Hours tab
7747529 No EDIT button on report (Billing Record)
7631185 Tasks Are Not Showing Up In Work Requests (this is a blocker for 1 user)
7613192 Resource Grid – Logged Time doesn’t match what’s on the Timesheet for the same time period.
7628592 Can not create file folder with Japanese name at Document tab by Systena Ref#J-20773290
7748771 Large Files are uploaded to ProofHQ successfully, but we are getting timeouts on the Workfront side.
7613007 Exporting a Report: Total Amounts not Showing up
7632162 Document Team Approval
7550912 Time off dates are not correct between team and user areas
7388159 Document Approval Email Alerts Not Sending
7403990 Issue with editing expenses – currency
7403125 public report shows USD instead of € on a public link
6830442 “Step Approver” filters work on Reports, not on Calendars
524762 Security Model Update – Reports that are not visible in All Reports are visible via search or when creating a report on Report object
7594026 Hub only – Issue > Documents Tab indicates there are documents but the documents do not display.
7630113 No Horizontal Scroll On Calendar
7587028 Error message when deleting task status from Set Up
7623380 Exported data does not match the web data
7144492 Blank row when inserting a task in below another
6535426 In-line Edit column Drop down list pops up several fields to the Left.
6825684 Text Mode column using valueexpressions subtracts one day from date fields.
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