Maintenance Update on January 23, 2016

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on January 23, 2016.

Ref # Name
7573179 When creating a task under a parent to which a user already has Manage access, he/she is not given separate Manage access to it and after out denting no longer is able to edit a task (created by him/her)
12471386 The update status box in My Work is not expanding to let the user to post an update. It works after the update is posted directly on the object
12782049 Users with Contribute access to issues cannot leave update due to error “Insufficient access to make assignments”
11628348 Add Documents window is not scrollable
8383142 The total number of Open requests in the All Requests tab always shows 101 items. The system replaces the old ticket with the new one
8380470 The system says there is no data to display in a Chart view (Chart type is Pie) – Appeared as a result of the fix on 7942678
8383824 Schedule Name Column on People links to old interface
8373948 Attempted to Delete User and received error message
8370231 How is the “Goal Score” on portfolio tab populated?
8373172 Resource Estimates under Business Case keeps old numbers of hours from tasks during Setting Budget to Schedule when planned hours on tasks are set to 0.
8375758 User is having issues logging time against some issues
8365060 When viewing proof of the document linked from Box account, blank page is shown
8373968 Sandbox environment Error in Setup>System>Preferences: Let’s try that again. Whoops! Something went wrong. Please contact Workfront so we can figure out what went wrong and fix it.
8220397 Users with Contribute -> Add Expense access can’t add expenses to the task if they have No Access to View Finance from on the access level
8205619 Error When deleting Job roles
8207266 “Done with My Part” is available when only 1 user an a team are assigned to a task
8220166 Export of Project Status Report
8211682 Time under comment is not the same as on PC
8360824 Question about project access
8206138 Exporting Report does not include Job Roles (RoleIDs)
10616007 2 system standard reports have missing prompt fields
8723940 Adding fixed revenue tasks with negative value to billing records not possible
10620065 Proof Comment Email Coding expressions in Email Body
9163540 Timesheet approvers gone from timesheets when in-line editing
11230117 Ad Hoc task character limit?
8619344 Issue doesn’t change to complete when user marks it done
8438159 Problem with the file names being truncated
10615357 When selecting an Expense Type with a unit defined, the system doesn’t react to the Click, doesn’t populate the selection in the field, but in fact recognizes it. Happens on Templates and Template Tasks
8438190 “Recalculate custom expressions” on template tasks deletes the custom forms from the tasks
8814118 User can give sharing rights without having the sharing rights
8663710 Program setting for projects incorrectly showing blank
8684678 Issue Status Changing when sending user a comment.
8619353 2 Instances of Workfront DAM showing in platform
9089443 Requested due date for Web projects not coming through
10734311 URL not clickable in My Work
9007001 Users can’t move tasks from project to project
11419224 Link to 8066860: Error Message in My Work View
8351756 Unable to delete project folders if the option to Delete the folder, but keep the contents is selected
8350378 When exporting a report from Workfront in excel some of the dates are populated with one (1) day extra to date
8229753 Multi-removal of resources – potential bug
8354913 Task with Approval changes planned hours to 8 on Resource Grid
8368802 Custom Form/Unable to save changes
8354751 Last Update Date for a project does not record when you add Expenses
8375302 User utilization tool doesn’t seem to show correct allocation until you change the filter and update results
8356149 Assigned to column under the All Requests shows job role assignment instead of the user assignment
8058979 Document Custom Forms display not refreshing correctly.
8070566 Subtasks on templates
8063054 Whoops Errors
8065534 Cannot download large uploaded file
8064994 Field format for “Has Documents” Issue field is incorrect
8190878 Planned Hours/Resource Estimates
8188718 Issues not automatically assigning a due date
8185102 Planned hours and duration in a project
7807563 Can’t add Planned hours to task created from Update comment due to default Duration type change
7798601 Update Button Unavailable under people tab when in Staffing
8183689 Custom Form field displays value when editing custom form but not when editing project.
8066500 Users outside of home group unable to see custom form on request
8056860 Error Message when updating project plan
8176639 Queue Topics Kickstart Problem – Custom Forms
8183881 Email Text coded rather than actual name displaying.
8185070 Custom Form Won’t Delete
8067402 Unable to Collapse Groups
7940843 Error when opening Staffing tab
7943109 Team Requests Assigned By field missing
8189120 Getting currency error during issue conversion when Project and Template uses the same currency
7797507 New options within Report Filters
8219441 Report shows data fine in a “column type” chart view, but yields No Data To Display error in a “Bar type” Chart view.
7765250 Dashboard Doesn’t Show Check Marks but Report Within Dashboard Does
7775947 MS Project Changing start time on import
7787947 People area performance – changing teams
7792296 Duration hours on the report are miscalculated
7777355 Approval not appearing in users my work if they are both Project Owner and Portfolio Sponsor
7760184 Non Admin Users timing out on ‘Shared With Me’ folder under Reporting
7796639 Browser Out-of-date Errors with IE 11 the first couple of times you try to log in, and then it works.
8586245 Work Request predecessor issue
7777991 Issue Assignment to Issue Primary Contact message description needs improvement.
7749789 Production Issue: Error Message/Cannot Save when moving project to execute status – Constraint database error
7632895 Not able to switch a column from textmode to standard view
7747034 Document counter
7633025 Milestone report results have columns and colors shifted
7747822 Users lose access to their Work Items after downgrading access level from System Administrator
7395265 Project Access -> User does not inherit view access to project when assigned to tasks
7548666 Exporting Report missing rows/or More drop-down shows wrong number
8356937 Documents uploading twice
6834930 “Actual Duration” column views is showing incorrect results
8395284 POP Email Settings Reverting Again
8392553 Custom data field “Task Revenue Designation” not returning in Report
8401948 Changing Email Me When… settings throws error
8670382 Reports Help
8400648 Currency format in the chart is not correct
8396572 When changing the browser language to Swedish, the Actual Amount field under the Expenses is colored in red
8396571 Incorrect verbiage under Queue Setup – “allow people within the same company to see each others requests”
8398002 Error Message while editing Team builder in staffing tab
8438169 English to French translation
8400658 Project Update Feed displaying error message in both PROD and Preview.
8416126 expObjCode for Project/Template level expenses is empty which prevents them from being moved
8400771 When parent task’s revenue type is equal to User/Role Hourly w/Cap the children tasks with Fixed Revenue don’t generate revenue.
8384026 Custom fields (text field) not automatically resizing, you have to type more to have it resize.
8401961 The custom field shows an old value in the report but is empty when looking to the object details. Saving the changes results in the update feed saying the field was removed.
8416152 Issue type cannot change
7586999 Default sorting on documents list was changed from “Updated Date” to “Name”
7573074 Collapse Button Partially Hidden
7623933 Reports with Delivery options not reaching its scheduled destination
7568212 User’s Hours are not being pulled into a report when using Task Is Complete Equals True/False Filter
This article last updated on 2016-04-21 19:55:25 UTC