Tasks Still Show in My Work List When Project Goes On Hold


Tasks still show in My Work, after a project has been placed On Hold. 


The default On Hold status serves as a visual communication of where the project is, but it does not inhibit or prevent items from being associated with or worked on the project. 


Creating a custom status is a simple work around that will allow users to remove tasks associated with a project that is On Hold from their My Work lists. The custom status will have a status  "Equates With" Planning, but will show a status that the project is On Hold.

Steps to Create a Custom On Hold Status:

  1. From the Project, go to Setup.
  2. From the Setup screen, open Project Preferences from the left-side menu and choose Statuses.
  3. At the bottom of the list of Statuses, select "Add a New Status". A new row will appear for your new custom status.
  4. Give you new status a descriptive name. For example "'On Hold' Update My Work"
  5. Set the "Equates With" field on your new status to "Planning"
  6. Press "Save" to save your new status.
  7. Return to the project screen and select "Edit Project".
  8. Go to the Status field on the Overview Screen and set the status to your new custom status.

Steps to Remove Tasks From My Work:

  1. Once the custom status is created, go to the user's "My Work" page. The tasks associated with the project you just set to "'On Hold' Update My Work" will display a message: "This project has been set to Planning status, so you don't need to work on this anymore." They will also have a button to "Remove" the task.
  2. Click "Remove" to remove the task from the user's My Work page.

When the project becomes active again, simply update the project status to "Current". The tasks associated with that project will reappear in the user's My Work > Work Requests page where they can select "Work on It" to pull the tasks back into their Working On list.


I possible workaround could be to make the custom "On Hold" status an equivalent to "Planning".  It achieves similar goals to this workaround, but it doesn't mark the original request as "Resolved".


This article last updated on 2018-07-02 20:01:04 UTC