Login Error: “Your username and password are not quite right”


A User is unable to log in. The user receives a message that reads “Your Username and password are not quite right.” when attempting to log in.



Incorrect information was entered at login. This could be because a user may have forgotten their username and/or password or they are using the incorrect form of the username, i.e. wrong letter case in the username, incorrect username, etc. They will see this message also if they are entering in the wrong password.




Workfront usernames are case sensitive. The user needs to be using the proper case for each letter of the username they have been assigned.

If the username is correct, have the user double check password entered. If the password entered isn't correct, the error message will appear.

If a user has forgotten their password, a Forgot Password link is available on the Log in page. Selecting this link will send an email to the user's registered email account to reset the login password (production environment only, the link will not work from sandbox environments). If using SSO, the user will be directed to their SSO password page.  If not using SSO, the user will receive an email with a link that they can follow to create a temporary password that the user can then use to log in and then reset their password

A System Administrator can also reset a user password by selecting that user's profile in their system and using the reset password link available in the users profile. The system administrator will need to verify their user account by entering their own Workfront password before they can change the user's password.