Viewing Document Details

The document Details tab provides a high level overview of document properties. For more information on Documents in Workfront, see "Understanding the Documents Area."

When a document is selected, the Details tab appears as the default tab in the right-side panel.

The content in the document Details tab can vary depending on the information found in the document. For example, if you are a proofing user, you can access your document proof from the Details tab. You can also see if a workflow has been added, as well as any proofing details associated with the document.

The document's Details tab provides a visual reference of the selected document. You can see the document title, a preview of the document, and you can download the document or view it as a proof.

Updating a Document Name and Description

You can change the title of the document in the Details tab by clicking on the existing title and in-line editing the name. You can also add a description of the asset by clicking Add Description and typing a description of the document. Below the description is a time-stamp of the date and time of the last update made to the document as well as the name of the person who made the update.


You can request a document approval directly from the document details tab. For more information on document approvals, see "Requesting Approval from a Document" under "Managing Approvals."

Sharing Document Access

You can share document permissions and control access to your document in the Sharing section of the Details tab.

  1. Click on the document you want to share. This activates the document's Details tab.
  2. Click Share.
  3. Enter the name of the user or team you want to share the document with.
    If the user is not a Workfront licensed user, enter their email address to allow them to access the document.

For more information on how document permissions work, see "Understanding Document Permissions".



The Details tab is where you can view and download document versions. For more information on document versions, see "Managing Document Versions".

Check In/Out

You can check out documents in Workfront. Similar to a book in a library, only one user can check out a document at a time. This provides some control over who can make changes to documents and then upload new versions. For more details on checking out documents, see "Checking Out Documents".

Reference Number

This number is associated with the document you have selected and can be searched and used for reporting purposes. It is located at the bottom of the Details tab.

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