Updates to the Workfront Appearance

You've probably noticed some recent changes to the appearance of the Workfront interface.

We’re introducing the following additional visual updates to areas of the tool in order to provide a cleaner and more consistent user experience:

  • Buttons throughout the Workfront interface are now larger, with additional spacing. This provides a presentation that is easier to read and consistent with previous interface improvements.
  • The buttons highlight as you hover over them, making it clear as to the action you are going to perform.
  • You can now toggle between buttons by using the Tab key on your keyboard.

Not only do these changes contribute to a more modern look and feel, but they help to make Workfront more accessible to users with disabilities. Add link to article with more information about accessibility.

Following are examples of what you can expect:


The look and feel of the buttons as they have appeared historically.


The look and feel of the buttons as they appear going forward.

Unsupported Versions of Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 9 is no longer officially supported.
As of May 2016, Workfront users who are using Internet Explorer 9 will see more irregularities in the way Workfront displays and operates, including how drop-down menus are displayed. After July, Workfront authentication will not work for the older Internet Explorer architecture.
Because Microsoft ended support for older versions of Internet Explorer on January 12, 2016, we encourage all our customers to ensure that their users are accessing Workfront from a supported browser. If you are using IE9, you will see a banner highlighting the need to update to a supported version.
For more information about which browsers are supported, please see the following help article: "Workfront Software Requirements".
If you have questions, please contact Support.


This article last updated on 2016-05-17 15:31:15 UTC