Task Dates or Times Are a Day Off


When viewing tasks created from a different timezone, task dates appear to be a day off



Workfront works pretty well between time zones, but there are several things to take into consideration.  It typically is never a good idea to try and change the timezone of one user, to match a different timezone where they are not.  Keep all computers and users set for their proper local time zone. Users then need to calculate when they want tasks to begin or end for the other timezone if needed.  For example, When users in Australia (or other time zones) enter items in a calendar the items will reflect the user's Local time. California users will see the item as it was created. Therefore if an Australian user creates an item at 9am Wednesday it will show to a California user as 4pm Tuesday the previous day.

This isn't a bug this is working as intended because of the time zone differences. Users will need to adjust the times of the tasks to fall on the desired California date/time.The reason for this is because timezone information comes from several locations:

1- The computer timezone setting in firmware/CMOS.
2- The browser timezone setting.
3- The users Workfront Schedule.
4- The timezone and locale in the Workfront user settings.

In other words, and in an attempt to clarify, users will always need to remember that the timezone will display based on their location. When a user in one time zone, creates a Task, the Task will be created using the creating user's time zone. If another user in a different time zone looks at it, it will display from their time zone perspective. This is probably why tasks appear be, "1 day off" from some locations.

Sometimes because of the time zone differences and the viewing users schedule, Tasks will be bumped to the next day. However, if the creating user looks at the task it should show on the correct date. These situations will be directly affected by the User's assigned Schedule and the user's time zone settings, including their workstations time zone and browser time zone.


This article last updated on 2017-11-09 21:04:36 UTC