Maintenance Update on February 14, 2015

The following customer-reported defects were fixed on February 14, 2015.

Ref # Name
518579 User given access to “View Finance” on Issue
518543 Powered by Workfront Icon Missing
516981 Number of Approvals no longer visible on My Work tab
516486 FED – System Error: null, clicking email notification links.
516386 Approval processes not working
516232 Resource grid allocation numbers are exported as 0/number
515550 Creating Project PORTFOLIO not attaching
514996 BED: Request Queue is not working correctly
514838 Calendar grouping order not in order on Dashboard.
514732 Duration field on Simple Duration type tasks contains a GUID when bulk editing
514405 Task Access Not Given after assignment
514186 User cannot attach an approval process on edit issue lightbox
510222 Changing a project from a portfolio with programs to a portfolio without programs, the project is retaining the program information
507591 I do not see description field in Custom form section break
507045 Button not working for library fields in custom form builder when browser is set to Spanish
506785 Reports: no edit button on expense report
505554 Text Field does not keep the size in forms
505548 FED: Update Avatar, Does Not Reflect in Org Chart
505195 Access to Team Settings allowed to non-Team Member (JSD)
492427 Losing Permission on a “Moved” personal task
488418 Estimated Start date /Projected Start Date shows incorrectly on task with completed predecessors
488053 Set Budget to Schedule function not working in Capacity Planner for copied projects
486627 Business Case is formatted incorrectly when exporting to PDF
485724 BED?: Routing rules are assigning issues to a deactivated user.
482746 Groups: adding spaces to name causes ASCII sort issues
482110 Filters: report filter auto updating from Great Than to Equals
481196 BED: Week calendar on my work tab doesn’t show assignments.
478980 Shockwave Flash error when
478584 Access Level setting can not restrict to see other company’s information report from Systena Ref#J-1281766
475520 ProofHQ functionality Bug
474688 Setup -> Diagnostics: Recalculate Timelines does not work
465920 BED&FED: Agile Teams Page Issue
459816 UI: Column header is not visible in the report
454339 Duration vs Planned Duration
427210 Post-Migration errors – unable to add new tasks
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