Maintenance Update on March 14, 2015

The following customer-reported defects were fixed on March 14, 2015.

Ref # Name
531178 Planned costs and hours inconsistency
530264 Error message “You do not have sufficient access to delete this Report” appears on report share action
525338 Access Level Issue
525181 Due on showing on day behind after March 8th
524452 attaching a template to a project adds the project to a program in another portfolio.
524288 Resource Grid export storing number as text
523565 FE: Scrollbar won’t scroll to the bottom of Sharing list in Calendar Sharing
522474 BED: Name of the logged in user is showing on the browser tab instead of the user name of the selected timesheet
521154 Unable to copy project
520511 When Priority field is not visible on a new request form, and there is a priority with 0 Importance in the system, that one is set on the new issues instead of the default one
520198 FED – Work Items pending for approval dissapear from “My Updates” tab- Pending approval work items get automatically changed to ‘In Progress’
520001 Difference between planned and actual cost values on the project and report
518614 Access Model discrepancies
518511 Version permissions
518108 Owner cannot manage project
518061 (Predecessors) Adding new task takes long time
517976 Report Errors (Reference # 517931)
517916 Timesheet total hours are showing incorrect on the timesheet list for the timesheets created via New Timesheet button
517745 Cannot Edit Predecessors
517016 BED: The user gets “You don’t have sufficient access to update this task” error message because of some “invisible” story
516995 FED – Tracking pixel sent from appears as though image isn’t rendering
516747 Cannot set billing record to not billed to edit hours
516588 FE: When user tries to resolve object
515344 Box integration issue
512977 Team > Working On Calendar Incorrectly displaying tasks.
512501 No Value report from pie chart
511204 Sharepoint on Production not working
510954 database constraint error when deleting job role.
509885 Projects with Complete status (or statuses equating to complete) and On Hold status are not displayed in the Resource grid when All Statuses setting is selected in the User Utilization
506830 Clicking Save in text mode on a column on a report does nothing
505543 Download All not working from All Versions tab on a document
505198 BED: Cannot delete a user because of a database constraint error
493663 Constraint Error trying to delete a project
493538 Question about My Work and the calendar
489642 BED: Team tasks not following precedence rules
488074 When converting an Issue to a Story the “Story Points” field is missing
482776 FED: Cannot change default home group
477775 When using “Run this report with the Access Rights of ” setting in conjunction with My filter, logged in users see items of the user mentioned in the setting but the number of results shows the number for the logged in user
467943 Recurring task dates aren’t updating when subsequent tasks have them as predecessors
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