Maintenance Update on May 2, 2015

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on May 2, 2015.

Ref # Name
6498013 JS Error on Advanced Search page when All is selected in Search Drop down
540772 In line adding field from custom form adds a form to task
540046 BED – Grammatical Error in the Email Sent out when requesting a document from a user.
539536 BED – Portfolio Name can not be added to Email Notification Subject Line Updates
538911 Sharing documents with external users exposes more access than it should
538752 Tasks cannot be completed
536895 My Settings display issue from Notifications page
536765 Risks on: Adobe Online Project – Phase II: Migrate Local Websites to Central Platform
536216 Unable to Delete Projects
536188 Proof comments are not allowing users to @Mention all users assigned to the proof document.
535748 Calendar dates are truncated in IE11
535742 Email preferences menu: says ‘AtTask’ instead of Workfront
535609 Manually reordering values in custom field with lots of values isn’t working (MAH)
535528 Iteration Start Date doesn’t show iteration as current until after 11:00am EST (JSD)
535424 Spanish Language showing Wrong calendar for dates in projects
535345 FED: Teams tab does not have scrollbar on IE 11 (MAH)
535046 Issue on calendar weekdays translation into Portuguese
534675 Team ‘Working On’ tab freezes and will not scroll or zoom
534206 Copy Project Save button remains active
533671 Filter in Capacity planner
533457 Customer-visible field is defaulting to “Featured Off” for all new line items even though “no” is set as the default value(ZU)
533354 Cannot share portfolio with user
532776 Submitting a request with custom form is bringing an error – Let’s try that again. You do not have sufficient access to edit custom form this Issue.
532061 When adding issues from New Issue lightbox, reviewers get  “Let’s try that again. You do not have sufficient access to view this Project”
531835 Document vs. Project Access
531792 Tasks Complete But Error Being Thrown UAT UI Remediation error.
531623 BED – Project in Planning Status is sending Email Notifications for issues added
531429 Task assigned to multiple users – User can NOT see the Work Request
529354 Project Status
529289 BED – When the project status is set to Planning, assignees receive an email when a comment made on the Issue but the Primary Contact doesn’t
527713 Children tasks get deleted together with the parent
527383 Cannot access custom form from edit project.
527199 BED – Notification Showing Approval Status Code
527105 Cannot mark a project as Complete
526165 Error when converting task to project
525759 Review license can upload new versions but cannot check out documents with view access.
523566 Dashboard Inherited Permissions not getting removed automatically from calendars on the dashboard.
522508 Expanded columns
521788 Gantt View?
520067 Issue with Error when creating a task in-line
519889 “Ready” value not visible
515661 Approvals setting adds days to Projected Duration, not Planned Duration
514096 Adding a template to a project gives an error and lists all the task numbers as zero
509938 BED – Getting 2 Overdue and 2 Reminder Emails which were duplicates
502569 Required Field red icon error doesn’t show for a required field
498759 Issues converted to a task are always late because they are set to Finish No Later Than and are given the project planned start date as the constraint
491258 Project Actual Labor cost in the report shows values for future months when there are no hours logged for that period.
489802 Fields will reordered without reason while editing custom form.
489091 When creating an issue with default custom form attached save button will not activate until you fill in the hidden required field
484340 System Wide Access View not working showing up for other users
478840 Elitest 04: REST swaps {name} to {DE:name}
475872 BED – Updates – Tracked Custom Date field has different value in log vs custom form
473566 Custom form help box is showing double spacing between paragraphs
461838 BED – Overdue Notifications Being Sent For Old Completed Tasks
457467 Bug | Planned Revenue _AS
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