Maintenance Update on February 20, 2016

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on February 20, 2016.

Ref # Name
6535426 In-line Edit column Drop down list pops up several fields to the Left.
15272973 “Send a Work Request” from user profile – light box sits behind Update dialog box
15219493 IE 11 Bubble notifications -Count Button is stretched and overlays the 1st update in the list
15216472 Announcement in Sent – is not in notification bubble or inbox
15216260 Working On – task pop ups
15217151 Version opened in ProofHQ tool
15219488 Whoops! Something went wrong error on Report when advancing to details page 2
15216466 Unable to see hours worked for team
14748451 Dashboard search for Report Name not populating
14816058 “The proof could not be opened” error appears when trying to open a proof
13626480 Purge Deactivated Users
12651873 Working On Calendar Pop up is not showing the proper Project Remaining hours for the Task. It doesn’t look to make sense at all
12717579 Report filters show as text mode and will not allow switch to standard
15163402 Template list is very narrow. Before the Jan. 23rd release it was wider.
15168876 Adding a document from
12603010 Field access privileges column on access level report breaking report
8390942 Problems with advanced search filters not working after deleting records
14723056 Issue with custom form and not being able to save
8375754 Error drops behind the task bar
8370027 Questions about approvals and archiving
8373696 We are seeing people who are using the tool showing as non-registered under people
8219545 Updating task status from My Work reverts its status to New
15281968 Notification bubble display issue in IE11
15277177 Firefox: Browser Security Warning
15272450 GNC – Proofing Problems. Generating Proof spinning since Jan 20th
15266877 An error “Let’s try that again. Whoops! Something went wrong. Please contact Workfront so we can figure out what went wrong and fix it.” is displayed when trying to remove/attach a custom form (Quite similar to 15266861)
15265868 Resource Grid not loading all items
15266462 Connectivity Problems
15252769 All Iterations button takes you to the last opened team page, not the iteration list of current team (JH, JSD)
15252101 Document approval message discrepancy
15195325 My Work shows “undefined” after the amount of planned hours is added to customize how MyWork shows up
15197233 Access issues/task creation issues
15196104 Whitelisting IP addresses in Setup
10615445 Number of hours from Hours tab don’t match the number of hours from Project Details -> Actual Hours
8438395 cannot delete a collaborator user
8438156 Sort logic – Milestone tab of Portfolio object
12769005 Timesheets – odd indenting
8438191 Task Approval Process ID filter is showing more options than expected
11293477 Pop email account is taking the body of the document and putting it into the description
13486470 Documents > Shared Users ID filter doesn’t work on Document Report
10616033 Last finance update dates are showing wrong in a report
9846722 Updating an expense through the API when the expense has a calculated Unit does not take effect.
9086887 Printing Gantt Chart for a project using the HTML view
8360417 Ken is seeing a ?workitem.issue.resolution? message on issues in his My Work [Link to 8066860]
8229781 Unable to Delete Team in Preview or Sandbox
8353156 All statuses from Report filter being removed after deleting one of them from Setup
8362048 Wrong project start time when creating a project from a template
7929256 Project Priority not showing on My Work
8189410 Dashboard Print Blank Rows
8059718 Unable to remove Custom Forms from tasks, since multiple custom form capability was added
8059714 Can’t access Report Filters- filter section is blank
8192803 Report Bug – Excel Export
7942396 Unable to Access ‘People’ spins endlessly only in production
8218180 Truncated view
7616103 Setup System Preferences section Whoops error appearing.
7621910 Ordering Items on a Custom Form – Fields in Dropdown automatically re-sort and not alphabetical
7630205 Report does not display new data after the initial load if using Contains filter
7571654 Initial Login- forgot password email send button doesn’t activate.
6831542 French Translation issue
6854563 Log in as functionality not working as it should with Logout settings
540736 Database Constraint error when deleting report
8391465 Access inheritance not flowing down on certain tasks
8396618 Specific chart exporting is behaving inconsistently on different browsers
7572664 Items do not show up on the calendar
7601658 Garbage symbols in workfront correspondances – Outlook
7586250 Exporting Matrix Report Removes all the $ signs
7143023 The user can log in to a different domain customer located under the same cluster, if the emails differ only with letter cases
534713 French Translation issue – Notification email (FR) – Problem & Task confusion
535895 Date moves from one day to another depending on time zone of the user, it seems
This article last updated on 2016-04-21 20:42:32 UTC