Maintenance Update on February 23, 2016

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on February 23, 2016.

Ref # Name
15669270 Error when attaching form to document
15302729 When a user doesn’t have access to attach a custom form to an object he/she isn’t able to inline edit the custom fields. It’s possible from task details -> custom forms
15290075 No Version Upload Confirmation
15254910 Custom Form Missing Value Error
15482460 Info Tile Not Showing Up In Chrome
15676131 Cannot Move Story from Iteration to Backlog
15667434 Error when attempting to add custom form.
15661129 “Let’s try that again. Whoops! Something went wrong. Please contact Workfront so we can figure out what went wrong and fix it.” error pops up when trying to attach a custom form to a template task
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