Maintenance Update on March 26, 2016

The following customer-reported issues were fixed on March 26, 2016.

Ref # Name
519465 Planned Hours differ between the Matrix and Details tab.
15694752 Not Loading “All” When Clicked
15856460 Unable to assign 2 users with same name to a task
15698277 Status defaulting to New instead of In Progress
15865009 Send a Request to Agile Team option is missing with the new Agile Team interface
15312797 Custom Field Reporting Glitch
15217674 Searching using the Project object is showing ‘Showing results for ” 21 results’ on the page but the Results list only shows 9 projects in the list.
15208703 Issue on conditional report formatting using different languages
15219117 Report: Bar Chart Overlapping text on report
15207839 Paragraph field character limit when adding a new custom form. Error OK
15661131 Semicolons (;) are added to comments with XML formatting
14932704 Custom Form View Settings
15661374 Planned Hours Not Distributing Correctly
15661245 Unable to interact with Links or Objects on a User’s Profile
14679883 Styles/colour incorrect for requests page
15309059 Dashboard Loading with whoops errors on reports.
12458357 Deleting Primary Company causes users to not have the option to do a directed update to some people.
11579949 Full Day Exceptions for Default Group does not apply
15708982 Error Message when trying to access Reports
15701867 No data is displaying when using Shared With filter on document report
13927209 Removing program inherited permissions doesn’t remove it from the project under that program.
8380284 Decimals of CPI dissappear when exporting report to excel
8372650 Hour entry date is shifted one day when report is exported to PDF
8367332 Reporting Calculation Error
15701668 Report Delivery: Email notification from Workfront not applying “appear from” settings
8205918 Report Issue on Chart tab – Project Name not displayed on Y axis when zoom is 100%
8226445 HIGH issue – unresolved since March: Reminder notifications for tasks not working
8227172 Discrepancy between hour report and task report
15290115 Report Creation: Columns Move left
15281431 Pie Chart drill down value for “No Value” grouping is not matching details on the report
15285237 It is impossible to print a Gantt-Chart from a portfolio
15273451 User is receiving emails saying he’s requesting additional access to object that he already has manage access to
15285243 User email preference won’t stick.
15638411 Custom Form display logic is not working as configured
15197241 Unable to delete a project
15204296 “Request error: Response status 400” and “Request error: Response status 400” are generated when trying to move/copy many tasks
15206961 Translation Issue on Resource Estimates for Business Case
10621817 Kick Start Import Error
10618900 Hour type gets changed on submitted and approved timesheets, when project becomes filtered for hour types
15709205 Admin announcements sent to Job Roles not working
9034730 Non Admins seeing Sections on Custom Form marked “Admin Only”
15703312 System Administrator not able to set “When I login, show” for users
8350547 Report Exports show Hours in Currency
7807985 Task Name indents when a change is made to Dates
8376458 Permission to see a proof
7764050 Need to be able to export Collected List of “Project Team
7633281 Show days with no results on Hours report resets after report is run
7606250 Timesheet Reminder Notifications are still not working after the fix on 535519
7394627 Docs not opening in IE or Chrome
7409990 Unable to in-line Edit as Work license
15699709 Hyperlinks not shown in Exported PDF when SharedCol is used in text mode
489472 Lists: broken scroll behavior
476131 Error message pops up when trying to use Issue -> Current Approval Step ID field
536767 View – Column Rules (conditional formatting) for $$TODAY highlights Tasks for yesterday
7409269 Tasks have due dates set out to the year 2033 and beyond
15849278 Calculated Custom Field Doesn’t properly recalculate using Inline Edit (SK)
15676218 Template Expenses NOT imported via Kickstart
15686930 Calculation on Calculated Field does not run when Request is Submit unless the Field is on the Primary Form
15688042 Copy to Icon changes to Trash can in drop down when hovered over
15669981 Is Blank and Is Not Blank not working on custom dropdowns with Number format
15689409 On an Access Level report “Field Access Privileges” column does not export correctly. Unable to select the field after saving the report.
15694932 Request custom form not loading for users
15682602 “Database error due to invalid SQL statement.” error pops up when loading the report
15628142 Cannot Delete Template Task
15617320 Default currency used when displaying the sum on groupings
15658812 “The following error occurred:” error pops up when logging hours from within the timesheet.
8395098 A number of Documents show under the Task/Project Documents tab while there are No/Less Documents
15668622 Update button in project updates feeds is showing as “?action.update?” when browser language is set to Dutch (NL)
8394942 Using up/down arrows to switch between hour types works fine in timesheet but not in My Work
8384304 Report of tasks with info of the ‘hours’ table
8397369 Webdam Integration Issues
15659731 Documents Custom Form data does not refresh correctly
This article last updated on 2016-04-21 20:46:21 UTC